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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Before & After- The nursery

I am finally getting around to posting the pictures of the nursery before and after. It is sad that it is all done and we are only going to be living in this house a few more months. Oh well.
On to the MILLION pictures!

For those of you who are new to the blog, we are having baby number 4 in Aug and Graham and the baby girl will be sharing a room. So I had to come up with a plan of how to decorate both for a toddler boy and a sweet baby girl all in one room.

Before- When it was just Grahams room.
Not sure why I didn't tie up the curtain, it looked much cuter that way.

You can see where I started testing paint under the shelf. I would love to sell the long curtain panels, if you are interested email me, I made them to help keep G's room warm in the winter.
Notice the ceiling, we had them scraped before we moved in and had not yet painted it.

The toy box is now in the closet and the rocker is in my room, need to recover the seat still.

Closet view.

More paint testing. We repainted the shelf and changing table.. see after photos.
Blue rocker is on the porch, it may get painted a girl color once we move.

Last Before Shot.

On to the AFTER>>>>>

You will have to try to block out the ugly crib tent. I was not about to take it off while 8.5 months pregnant!

Graham's side of the room.

Graham makes me read both poems to him every night. He giggles at the frogs and snails part every time.

Shelf with fresh paint.

He was also very excited when I hung the vintage dog pictures on the wall.

His crib, which will not be making the trip back to CA with us. We will be putting him in a darling vintage toddler bed I have for him. God help me.
Hanging over the crib is the cowboy quilt I made him.

We painted the walls a light tan and the ceiling a light blue.
Our neighbor gave us the dresser and all it needed was a coat of paint and the knobs needed a coat of paint and some spray varnish.

I made this pillow awhile ago. The image is an actual page from a vintage cloth book.
The pillow will eventually go on Grahams bed.

Cute little shelf with vintage goodies on it.
The "Boy" banner is from a shower some of my friends had for me in Napa.
I would love to have a "Girl" one, but the store they got the letters from no longer carries them:(

More cute stuff on top of his dresser.
The little football guy is a vintage bank I got on ebay for $2.99.

Laundry hamper and His hat rack.
I spray painted the rack. It is perfect for hats.

Now on to the girlie side.
Changing table with a fresh coat of paint and vintage inspired pink glass knobs and a pink organic, bamboo changing cover.
Diaper stacker and curtains I made.

I had the small pink frames and stuck vintage baby cards in them for now. The little dresses hanging are all vintage, two of them were from the above mentioned baby shower. My friend Heidi(napa) had used them as decorations for the shower and gave them to me. The third dress I think was my mom's when she was a baby.

I did the lettering on her side of the room in a more girlie font, both I did free hand.
I stole the vintage wicker cabinet from my sewing room. It is the perfect place for all the diaper cream, nail scissors etc. It is still a little bare as I am still looking for the perfect vintage items to sit on it. The little girl sitting on top is a night light that my friend Heidi(napa) gave me for Christmas I think. You can see the little vintage girl planter that Shara gave me, it is holding Q-tips. I stole the book from Gwen's room as she is kind of beyond the nursery rhyme stage at 9 years old.

Baby girls side of the room.
You can see more detail by clicking on the pictures.
The tutu is I suppose vintage..... because it was mine when I was little.

This shelf is a bit bare also, still collecting.

Different view of her side.
Basket full of pretty handmade blankets and quilts.

Another view of her crib.

A close up of the bedding since it took forever for me to make.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Finished Baby Bedding

I finally finished baby girls bedding! I love how it turned out, it is super shabby chic. The bumper was a bit of a pain to make, because once again I decided to make it difficult. I added ruffles to the top and made the ties extra large! I purchased the ruffler foot for my machine and that made the whole thing go a lot faster, wish I had purchased it before I made the comforter and the skirt. It would have saved me a lot of time. OH well!

As always you can click to make larger!

When I show Chad a finished project he usually just says nice or some other comment that shows he looked but isn't all that impressed. For this one he actually thought it was pretty and said" sad that you didn't make the bedding for the other three."
I will not be doing crib bedding again, it is a lot of work!

Inside shot, with little pillow case.

The lighting in that room is terrible no matter what time of day I take pics, so annoying.
The room is almost done, I am still finishing up the writing on her side and need some accessories for her side, it is kind of bare.

Have a great night!