Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Cheer

Here are some photos of the fam from this holiday season.

I know this picture is weird, I forgot to change the white balance before I handed the camera to Chad. We were at the Jamestown Christmas parade, it was a great parade. We were FREEZING!!!!

Kidos with Santa. Gabby looks half dead, she was at a sleep over until Chad picked her up to come to the craft fair to see Santa. Graham was so excited from far away to see Santa,he kept saying ho ho ho. Clearly he was not as happy when the time came to sit on his lap!

Me and the kidos on the hay ride at the Christmas tree farm .

Kidos on the hay ride. Chad does exist, he just hates having his picture taken:)

Just a quick reminder, the last day to sign up for the Valentine Swap is the 29th!


Priscila said...

how is the fam feel about having another baby? How are the girls? Im so stinkin tierd of christmas and shopping~!! How are u feeling? Tierd?


Hi Jen,
Merry Christmas and congrat's on your pregnancy:) May all go well and you have a healthy baby.
Take care.

countrygirl3031 said...

Merry Christmas Jen...have a wonderful holiday with your family!

Lots of hugz,

Jan and Tom said...

Just dropping in to wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Jan & Tom

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey Jen, you getting any traffic on the giveaway? My stats are way down lately (for the past week at least) and I was just wondering...

Priscila said...

how was Christmas?