Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Newspaper Tree

Yesterday I posted a photo of a tree I made, and I had a couple people ask me about it. I got the pattern from Martha Stewart's web site. Bit here is a quick run down. You will need a couple of newspapers, a 10" knitting needle, I used a number 2 needle because I do not use that size much. I used half a foam ball, but Martha suggests you use clay that you bake. You also need spray glue, glitter and something for the tree topper.

Start by cutting 50- 6"x6" Squares from the newspaper
50- 5.5"x5.5" Squares
50- 5"x5" squares
continuing in 1/2" increments until you get down to 1" squares

Cut your foam ball in half, poke the knitting needle through the flat side of the foam so the head of the needle is against the flat part of the foam.

Then take a few of the 6" squares and fold them in half one way and then the other so you can find the center. Then you poke a hole in the center and slide down needle. After they are at the bottom turn them so the points don't line up.
Continue until all of the squares are on the knitting needle
spray with glue
sprinkle with glitter and hot glue topper on the top of the needle.

You can use any kind of paper you have around the house, Martha even showed a aluminum foil tree, you can also make them different sizes with shorter or longer needles.


Nelly said...

Oh, cool! I saw this on Martha Stewart and thought I would try one too. I love the idea of using newspaper. Yours is just wonderful!

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey Jen, I havent forgotten that you asked about changing your font. I am on the old blogger still, so I have to go into my template and change it there. I am not sure how the new blogger works though?

Fleur de Bee said...