Monday, January 5, 2009


That was the babies heart beat at my Dr.'s apt today. Hearing that first heart beat is so exciting, makes all the queasiness worth it. My midwife said everything looks great. 9 more weeks and we can find out what the gender is. Can't wait! I am thinking we will take the girls with us for that apt so they can see the sonogram and be there to learn if they are getting a brother or a sister.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.



Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh you have to take the girls! We took our son who was home sick that day and he found out 15 years ago he was getting another sister! We will never forget that day!

Priscila said...

yes u have to take the girls. I took Christian to see Carter ...eventhough he probably wont remember or understand he still liked it. Your girls will remember...thats something speecial to do with them and make them feel included!

Robyn said...

What a wonderful way to start off your week - congrats again!
I remember those visits - 4 of them with mine - and the first photos!
Have a great week!