Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Checking In

It has been awhile again, we have been busy and my son broke my laptop cord. Yep, destructo boy strikes again. The new cord should be here later today, thank goodness. I have been using Chad's dinosaur laptop where it takes forever to do anything.

I still have Christmas deco all over my living room, I worked on it yesterday while Graham was napping and will again today. It is so fun to put up and soooooo not fun to put away. I am trying to organize it better which is also taking longer. Wish me luck.

I am happy to report that the all day "morning sickness" has subsided in the last couple of days. Phew.

Still reading Atlas Shrugged. Chad is almost done with his second book, since I have been reading it. I am on page 370ish, and yes I am still reading ever night. It has two times the words on one page as a normal book. Sheesh

WOOO HOOO, my cord just arrived! I can switch to my computer and maybe add a photo!

I need suggestions, we can not think of a girl name starting with a "G" that we both like. Chad thinks we need to do a different letter if it is a girl since we can not come up with a good name and do a "G" middle name. What do you think? We have a few "G" boy names that we like so that is good. However hubby thinks it is going to be a girl. We should find out the beginning of March. Can't wait. I really like Grace or any version of Grace, Chad doesn't because we had a cat named Gracie. Also to consider is our boring last name- SMITH. The first name has to be something interesting. The other three for those of you who don't know are: Gabrielle, Gwendolyn and Graham.

Over the weekend we took Graham to the zoo for his birthday. We had a great time. The animals were pretty active because it was sunny.

I have received a couple of blog awards from my friends Priscila and Melissa, thank you girls, I will have to work on giving them to others:) Speaking of Melissa, we did a swap in December that I will be posting about later this week.

My friend Alicia who I have been friends with since I was 4 or 5, placed a custom order. Here is her order. The little knitted hat was a gift from me for her little man.

Partners were assigned for the Valentine swap, hope everyone is enjoying getting to know their partners. Mail date is January 29th. If anyone has any questions please let me know.


CuteStuffInside said...

How about Guenevere - you know, King Arthur?


Sarah and Jack said...

I wouldhave to google G for girls. I LOVE LOVE Grant though for a boy.

Heidi said...

What about Greer, like Greer Garson the old movie star? I think Brooke Shields named one of her daughters Greer. Or maybe Gretchen? I like that name a lot but it totally doesn't work with my last name, so I can't ever use it. Boo.

Shara said...

I like Ginger and Gemma.

I would vote against Geranium and Grizelda - I saw those on the baby name list. ;o)

BeNiceUseItTwice said...

what about Genesis and Gunter..

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

I have lots of "G" girl names...



Wendy said...

How about...
Gracelyn (not quite just Grace)
Try babyhold.com there are thousands of names

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

So happy you are feeling better! I like Gretchen, and Ginger that have both beens suggested....or how about Glenice or Glynese?

Priscila said...

I really think Genevieve is pretty...Genevieve Smith! For short you can call her Gene! Or GIOVANNA is such a pretty name and different!!! I love this trend with different names... My sisters name is Alessandra and everyone always liked it because it was uncomman. I like the name Klohe for a girl and Isabella Rose...so if I ever have a girl thats going to be the name either one of those...but Now Im liking GIOVANNA ...

or what about
GISBELLE - thats kindda cool...

WOW G names have a bunch of cool names

GRACELYN is good if you like Grace

Hope that helps! Hope you guys are good and Im glad ur better!!

Colima said...

I think Gloria is a pretty name ;) And I'm glad you're feeling better!

The Barefoot Scrapper said...

so i googled for g baby names and went throught the list of over 500 girls names and came up with a few I like....boys were easier. Try these
Gavin or Gavyn

Girls (I think all of these the G is pronounced like a J)

Leah said...

How exciting No. 4! my No. 4 is a Grace (my husband's choice) but I love it now! I like Genevieve because I wanted an Eve. Good luck!