Monday, February 23, 2009

Gabby's Trip to DC

My big girl got the opportunity to go to Washington DC for the weekend with her friends family. They had a half day of school on Thursday so they left straight from school and came home around 8pm on Sunday evening. She missed a day of school on Friday, but the experiences she had and the things she saw where so educational.

They went to the natural history museum, Holocaust Museum, Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam memorial, the Aerospace museum, and IMAX theater. They saw the declaration of independence and the bill or rights too.
There may have been other things too, but that is what I remember.

Photos miss Gab took.

They went to the top of the monument.

Gabby and Erin.

Have a good evening.


maile said...

cannot believe how BIG she is! I remember when she was a baby on your knee when you did your family generation sitting!