Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini Makeover

I decided to work on the main bathroom a bit, because it is an eyesore. Without a total remodel it is still not the best, but I used what I had to make it a bit better. Maybe the cute stuff will detract attention from the hideous avocado green and harvest gold tile.

At our house in Napa our main bath was super shabby chic, pale pink, white and soft blue and green. I loved it! Unfortunately I had to go a different direction with this one for two reasons, one, the hideous tile and two this is the bathroom Graham uses. So I thought I should make it a bit less frou frou. I went with a vintage beach theme.

When we moved in there was no mirror so we used one that we had been using on my bedroom vanity. I bought that oar at an estate sale months ago and it has sat in a corner in the bathroom waiting for hubby to hang it up. I think he was inspired to do it because I made new curtains.
I think the oar looks cute above the mirror. I really want to paint, we'll see if I get a bee in my bonnet.

This is the before of the hideous shade. It has literally been there since 1970 when the house was built. If you click on it to get a closer view, you can see where the fringe was ripped off and they taped the tears with scotch tape. Gab is going through a modest stage and has to have it down to use the bathroom, even though there is no one to see in. The shade made it like a dungeon,beside being UGLY! I can't believe it has taken me a year to do this. SHEESH.

Here is the after. So much better. No exactly what I had in mind, but i used what I had and am happy with the results. It is no longer an dungeoneous eye sore. It makes me more motivated to paint seeing all the white.

Have a wonderful day.


april o said...

Very pretty curtains!!! Hope your weekend is wonderful! It was a beautiful day here! Hugs!!