Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

We got a real snow finally, not that I am thrilled to have snow in March. But the kids have been dieing for snow they could sled in. The girls were outside at 8 am this morning. Graham and I went out about 9:30, we had to eat breakfast first. We got about 3-4" so Chad took my car to work today as it is 4 wheel drive and his Acura needs new tires.

You can click on the photos to make them larger.


Gab and Gwen in one of the rare moments where they get along!

Gab and Graham Sledding. Graham loved it.

Thank goodness Gab could take him sledding, since it is not a recommended activity for the prego mom.

Yes, he is wearing the pink pants again and even pink gloves. He doesn't care:)

Girls sledding.

Gab eating snow.

Trees across the street from my house.
So pretty.

Trees across the street from my kitchen window.

View up my street.

My front yard.
Snow makes everything look so pretty:)

Have a great day!


Michele said...

Hi Jenn ~ beautiful pictures! I agree, snow makes everything look so fresh and clean! We're getting lake effect snow here in Wisconsin and have gotten about 4 inches today. I'm really sick of it!

Have a great week! Glad to hear you weren't sleddin down the hill with the kids!


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Stunning photos. You're right, snow does make everything look fresh and clean - at first, anyways. Your kids look like they had a great time playing in the white fluff.
We got snow Friday night and it is still here.:( I want spring!!!!:)

Priscila said...

ur kids are cute! Looks really really cold! Glad im not there...just too cold for me! haha

Colima said...

Oh, man! It's snowing here too! I LOVE the joy on the kids' faces! Makes me want to sled :)