Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choosing Paint Colors

Graham and the baby will be sharing a room, because there is only one bedroom on the same floor as us and Graham is too little to be upstairs with the girls. Too far from Mommy in the middle of the night. Fortunately, Grahams room is a nice sized room.

We are starting the makeover on Graham's room this weekend. We will be painting the walls and the ceiling. Being that we are having a girl I decided to go with a neutral color for the walls.

How I choose a paint color:

Step one: Go to a paint store where they have the small sample size paint so you don't have to buy a whole quart just to test the paint.

Step Two: Take home a couple of sample sizes ans test them on different walls so you can see how the lighting affects the color. To me, this is super important. The paint always looks different on the wall than on the tiny paint swatch. The lighting of your room affects the paint color a lot.

Step Three: Let it dry

Step Four: Look at the colors throughout the day so you can see if you like a certain color as the light changes.

Step Five: Make a decision. If you don't LOVE any of the colors, START OVER from step one.

Step Six: Buy paint and get it on the walls:)

One wall in Graham's room where I am testing colors.

Another wall of color testing. Chad and I agreed on one, not going to tell which one, you will have to wait and see when we are done:)
However, I do have to start over with the ceiling. I want to paint it pale sky blue, I picked a couple of colors and they are too dark, so back to the paint store tomorrow.

Off to bed now!


Priscila said...

i like one and 2

Heidi said...

I'm also a big fan of painting swatches to test colors. But I've been known to leave them up for months while I try to decide! (And I swear by Benjamin Moore paint. It's the best.)

Wendy said...

I bet that will look great when it's done!