Sunday, April 19, 2009


My big girl has been bugging me for months about starting a blog. So I finally decided it would be ok. we set it up a few nights ago, it took awhile to find just the right background.
Her blog site is called California Girl Livin in the South

She has only posted twice, but is thinking about ideas for things to post about. Other than the picture of Oliver on her first post, she will be using all of her own photographs. Last summer she took some really great flower and butterfly photos, she may post them, we shall see.

She also wants to facebook, but not sure when is the right age for that?
My parents didn't have to worry about any of this stuff when we were kids. The big decisions were when to get our ears pierced, start shaving our legs, start wearing makeup and when we got to start dating. Now we have to make all of those decisions PLUS: when do they get a cell phone, when to let them start myspace or facebook, when can they start a blog and have email. Which all seem like no big deal, however there are BAD people out there that prey on cute innocent children.

Better get back to the mountain of laundry:(


Crazypixie said...

Hi, how old is your Gabby by the way..she's sweet.
Agreed with mom shouldn't be worry out there