Sunday, May 17, 2009

Childs Apron

Graham was invited to a birthday party for one of the little boys in his preschool class. I tried to come up with a gift I could make for a two year old boy. I really wanted to make a super hero cape, but much to my dismay, I did not have the right fabric for the project. I finally decided to make an apron. My hubby and sister were not thrilled with the apron idea, but I went ahead with it anyway.

Here is my little man modeling it! If you make it bigger you can see the pocket has vintage cowboys on it. Graham of course wanted to keep it, so now I need to make him one. I stuck a few kids cooking utensils in half of the pocket and in the other side I stuck a small pad of drawing paper and crayons. I figured I better add the art supplies in case the parents were weirdos like my hub and sis. Graham loves to help in the kitchen and up until I make him his own apron he has been wearing girlie vintage ones.

Off to bed, and tomorrow I get to do the dreaded glucose test.... bleck!


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I think it a great idea!! Heck, it not a girl thing, and he can wear it if he is helping in the yard, doing his art projects ~ so many different uses for this. You did a great job! Love the colors!!!