Monday, May 11, 2009

Estate Sale Goodies

On Saturday, Gabby, Graham and I hit an Estate sale while Gwen was at Softball Practice. I could tell from the moment we pulled up that it was going to be a good one. I could see good stuff from the car and it was not ran through an Estate company so I had high hopes for cheepo prices. Well, there was a lot of good stuff, and some of it was super cheap and some they wanted an arm and a leg for.

This is the item I mentioned from the weekend before. Gwen dropped something on it while it was soaking in the sink and part of the ruffle chipped off. I glued it back together and put it up on a shelf where you can not see the repair.

As you know I can not leave a vintage quilt behind if the price is right!
I spotted this quilt at the last second, she had clothing laying on it in the grass.
I soaked it and got out most of the stains, there are still a couple of small light ones left. But the quilt itself is in great shape. Not the best picture, sorry!

Sweet vintage yellow pottery planter. No markings. This is headed for the shoppe as I am trying to limit my self to the white, pink, green and aqua pottery which is more than enough! I do have one piece of yellow that my grandma and great uncle gave to my great grandma as a gift. Which I am keeping because it is special! You can actually see it behind the pottery in the first picture, I have it tucked in with my milk glass collection.
Planter will be $8.99+ shipping.

How cute is this guy!! He is about 6" tall, she had a bunch more smaller ones, but she wanted $2.00 each for them. She had a big box of vintage Christmas stuff which I would have loved to have had, but her prices were too high! So, I just got this cute guy to add to my collection.

First item we picked up, a vintage picknic basket. It was 1$. Woo hoo. These are great for storage. It is currently sitting in the kitchen looking cute, but will eventually make its way to the sewing room, never enough storage there!

Two cute vintage patterns, she had a whole box of them but wanted $2.00 for each one, no thank you!

Another thing I can not resist- vintage chenille coverlets. I have quite a few pink, green and white ones, even a pale blue one and a red one. I love this color! It got washed and now resides on a shelf on Graham's side of the room. Maybe someday it will be on his bed, that is if I ever let him out of the crib!!!! The best part was it was only 2$, can't beat that!

I am on the hunt for items for baby girls side of the room, need some little shelfs, and some vintage baby items and would love a small vintage hamper. Maybe the next sale will be the one where I find some of the items I need:)


Heidi said...

That's some crazy pricing--2.00 for a pattern, or 2.00 for a whole chenille coverlet? And 1.00 for a big basket? That's some crazy logic! You found some great stuff, though!

Noah's Mommy said...

oh you found some amazing things...Love the quilt...