Sunday, May 24, 2009


This weekend we did a lot of projects, some are completed and others are in various stages. I really wanted to get them ALL done, not going to happen with a 2yr old crazy boy under foot.

1. Baby/Grahams furniture painted: Still need to paint the knobs for Grahams dresser and the drawers of the changing table.

2. Custom ordered blankie for my friend Alicia(in CA): Finished, now need to package and ship in the am. Love this pale blue gingham, it is so soft and cuddly. I wish the pink gingham was not a crazy bright color.

3. Started a quilt for Gwen's bed: Quilt top sewn and waiting for backing.

A close up. I love these fabrics sooo much.

4. Lettering on Baby girls side of the room: I used too light of a paint color so now have to finish going over it with a darker pink. UGGGGG This photo is of the part I went over with the darker pink.

5. Black and white collages for Gab's room: Finished now I need to hang them. She has the black and white scrolly bedding from Target, so I thought it would be fun to have some black and white pictures on the wall. These frames were originally gold, they are that funny vintage plastic, so I sprayed them black. I used vintage sheet music for the back ground.

6. Wash cloths/Burpie: Finished a couple wash cloths for baby girl, still have a couple more to finish. They are terry cloth on one side and fabric on the other. I had to make my self one of the cherry burpies, it is a bit smaller than the ones in the shop, I used the scraps I had laying around.

7. Extra crib sheet: Finished WOO HOOO. Still need to make two more, just need to find fabric I like. The other items are for me, see next picture!

8. Breast pads: I made my self two sets of reusable breast pads. The blue ones are one layer of vintage sheets, one layer of cotton batting, and two layers of flannel. The other one has rose flannel on the outside. I may make more if I like the way they work!

9. Burpies for the shoppe: finished..... until I make the next batch. Now need to get them in the shoppe. These will be sold in a set of two.

Monkey fabric on a cloth diaper. So cute!

Doggie burp cloth set.

10. Peach baby quilt: I made this awhile ago and it actually looks better in the pic than it does in real life. The scallops are not perfect and there is so bunching in a few places and it came out smallish. I will still use it!

All in all it was a productive weekend. I really wanted to have the baby's/Graham's room completed other than finishing touches, clearly that did not happen. Haven't even cut out the bumper for the crib! Maybe I will make progress this week.

Happy Memorial Day!


Heidi said...

Jen, you must have been sewing like a madwoman! I am always amazed at the amount of stuff you are able to get done. It's all so cute!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I love that quilt fabric, too. You sure are a bundle of energy! Barbara (at oodles and oodles)

Wendy said...

Great projects! I have GOT to learn to quilt! Those burpies are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

you have been a busy little bee! I'm loving everything you got done this week. I feel so unprodictive in the crafting department but at least were down to the last of our stuff to move over to the new house.
:) Missy

Heidi said...

Wow, you really have the nesting bug. I guess that happens as your due date approaches!