Monday, June 22, 2009

100th post & other Random Stuff

Actually it is the 103rd post on this blog, and 291 between the three blogs(see side bar for old blogs). Pretty good I think considering it has only been a bit over a year and a half.

I meant to post for the 100th, just wasn't paying close enough attention. Since I missed the actual 100th, I think I will wait until I hit 300 total which is only 9 posts away. Anyone have any fun ideas for the 300th post?? A giveaway? a contest?

I got a lot done this weekend, just need to take some photos, it was too gray yesterday for photos. Today it is sunny, so I hope to find time to get some photos.

We still have made no decision on baby girls name, uggggg. We have added a couple that we like to the list. We have 7 weeks left, better make a decision soon:)

Happy Monday!


Michele said...

Hi Jenn ~ ya, it's finally getting hot here really hot and humid...uggg. I'm thankful that I'm in air conditioning all day!!!

Have a great week...happy 103rd post!


Wendy said...

Congrats on 100! I missed 100 on mine... guess I'll wait till the 150 or 200 mark!

Beth said...

we ddint decide until after my second is born. we just decides after we met him. (we didnt know the gender either!)


Hi Jenn,
I'm going to have my blog birthday on Wednesday...I'll be 1 year old...LOL! and have decided on a on the look out for it!

Just do whatever you like...make it easy on yourself...

Happy 103rd POST.
Deb :)