Monday, July 6, 2009

Made it Monday

Here are a few photos of things I have made recently.

This is a before and after of sorts. The blue wipe case on the bottom is the one I used for Graham and as you can see it got a lot of use. The black and pink one I made to use in my diaper bag for baby girl. A lot of people sell these wipe cases and I thought about it, but they are just too time consuming. If you want to make one just drop me a note and I can give you instructions, it is not hard.

More baby wash cloths, I had none and now I think I have 8. Still not enough, but better than NONE:)

I made these place mats and napkins for my Grandma for her birthday which was the 1st. She sets her table every day with pretty place mats or table runners, and she has many different sets of dishes. Makes you wonder where I got my collecting gene from!
This pattern was from a book I have, but am not about to lug my pregnant body up the stairs to go get it. If you need to know email me and I will then drag myself upstairs:)

These are the last things I have knit recently, just haven't started anything new yet. The hat is a newborn hat for baby girl it is out of the same cotton as the blanket I knit her. She may not get much use out of it here, because it is so dang hot here, at least in NOR CAL it cooled off in the evenings!

Close up of the Mary Jane booties, these knit up super quick. The pattern for them is in the list of things I want to make on the right side of the blog.

Lots of other UFO's(unfinished objects) laying around right now. Hope to get to a few more of them before baby girl arrives!


Wendy said...

Great projects ;) I want to do one of those cases as well. I have the tutorial saved, just need to get around to it!