Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Supposed to be Getting Rid of Stuff...

I am supposed to be removing stuff from the house not bringing it in. Why? You ask...

We have decided to move back to Northern CA in November.
Why November.... lots of reasons.

1. We need time to sell stuff and pack
2. We do not want to be here for another winter.
3. We want to be home for the holidays
4. Chad has some things to figure out with his job.
Ok, so that is not lots, but you get the point.

So instead of getting rid of stuff I brought this stuff home!

There was a yard sale in a field by my house so I stopped on the way home from the store. Everything was FREE.
This darling rocker was the lady's Great Grandmas and they gave it to me FREE.
The seat needs new fabric and there are a couple of places Chad needs to wood glue, but it is an awesome rocker. That makes three rockers in my house. My sister says I am going to be an old lady with so much stuff in my house they will not be able to find me. HA

Close up of the rose carving in the back of the chair, LOVE it.
The girls were funny because they were shocked that Chad liked it and wasn't irritated that I brought it home. They said " what have you done to our DAD."

These were from an estate sale the kids and I went to last Friday. Vintage Halloween deco, 25cents. Takes up no space in my Halloween tote. I couldn't pass up the vintage raggedy ann book for 25cents, now in the book cupboard.

I found a thrift store a few weeks ago and bought the pretty pink pillow case and the fun vintage fabric, there is about two yards of it. I added to my fabric stash.

This was from the Estate Sale. TWO dollars.
Yes, we had an ironing board, but it was my Great Grandmas and it was so squeeky and wobbly, it drove me crazy. Chad irons his shirts every morning and the stupid ironing board is in our bed room and the squeeking was soooo loud I could not sleep through it. I am not a light sleeper, I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere.
Love the new board, it is so sturdy, vintage wood, so neeto looking. Only bummer is it doesn't adjust height wise, so it is a bit shorter than the old one. For me not such a big deal, for Chad who is 6'2" a bit of a bummer. He said he doesn't care because he doesn't have to worry about the iron almost falling off because the board is so wobbly.

Estate sale find... Pretty vintage pillow case.
The kids also got some free color pencils and a popsicle maker/holder thingy for 25cents.(no Photo)

Gwen modeling an apron we picked up at the estate sale. This kid wears aprons all the time, so I grabbed this one for 25cents.

santa decoration from the estate sale, free with the other stuff. He is little so I can tuck him into my xmas box no problem.

Gwen modeling the otehr apron we picked up at that sale, it is adorable. The red is not really that bright, just the way it came out in the photo. 25 cents

This vintage sheet was from the FREE sale. It is mostly white with the pink roses at the bottom, Love it ! Will become something at some point.

Close up of sheet.

Only other thing I got at the free sale was a hard bound copy of one of the harry potter books for the girls.

I have been getting rid of a few things on ebay here and there. We will be having a huge moving sale as we will be going back to houses that are not this huge,which is fine by us!

That is the news of the moment and I am going to pack at least two boxes before the weeks end. I am starting in the dining room with the china cabinet.
Off to bed!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh my GOSH! So happy you are going back to CA! I know you miss your friends and family!
Good luck with the packing! It's not fun as you know....but if you do little bits at a time you'll get there!

Emily said...

I love those aprons!! Great finds and bargains!!


Fleur de Bee said...

How exciting and stressful all at the same time! I am giggling at your adventures in packing tee hee! Sounds like something I would do! I am loving all the vintage sheeting and that rocker is very pretty! A new rocker for the new exciting!

Good luck with it all you Super Mom you!


Michele said...

That's wonderful news Jenn! I love all your finds...especially the chair...the detail is beautiful!



Heidi said...

That's exciting news! I have to say I can't help it with the junk either...the thing about great vintage stuff is you just never know if you're ever going to find it again, so I think you might as well snap it up when you can or you might be sorry! You can always get rid of it later, but you may not find it again later. And if stuff is FREE or cheap, all the more reason to get it! LOL

That Santa guy is an Annalee, BTW.

Shara said...

I know you like where you live now, but youwill be happy to get back HOME! Great finds. I was going to tell you that was an Annalee, but Miss Heidi beat me to it! ;o)

Tiffany said...

Who can pass up free! Great much you can do with it.

Heidi said...

Congrats on the decision to go back home. I know it was hard for you to leave California. Moving twice in such a short time is really stressful. Plus a new baby. Little niceties like these will soothe your nerves. And I love the rationalizations like, "it will fit in the bin." I say that one all the time too!

Molly said...

I'm sad your leaving NC, we only live 3 hours away. But you need to be closer to your family and the person that buys your house is gonna have one gem on her hands. Congrats on moving back and hope everything goes well with your husbands job. Have a safe and happy july 4th!!
~Molly P

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you! I bet your family and friends are so excited! I love all of the treasures that you found :) hey, I just noticed my bag of stuff to take to the post office is still sitting here... I'll get the package out to you right away (monday morning)... so sorry! it's been sitting here ready to mail for over a week! arg!

good luck with the packing!
:) Missy

Allison said...

That chair is fabulous! I love the little rose detail, that's going to be so cute fixed up! Thanks for stopping by and linking! -Allison