Friday, September 25, 2009

Sew & Tell... & a Bit of Knitting

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This episode is brought to you from my garage... sitting here selling all my stuff.... sniff sniff.

Not sure why I am so emotional about the whole thing... got sad selling Grahams baby clothes a minute ago! I know none of this is sewing related but a quick story. Bought a vintage aluminum lounge chair with its original pad at a garage sale in CA... LOVED this lounge chair.(Thought I had a picture on my old blog.. can not find it though. It was Sooo comfy! Chad said it needed to go because it was awkward for packing. I sold it to a NICE lady for 5$ got what I paid for it. Almost cried though: because I sat in it all big and prego and felt my last baby kicking in my belly. Maybe I am a little hormonal! Anyway... Chad freaked out when he found out I only sold it for 5$, then proceeded to tell me he would have packed it for that price. EEEK
Gwen just got home and first thing she asked about was the chair!!! WAAA

Ok.... On to the sewing.
I have made a bit of time for some sewing just to keep myself sane. Crafting is good therapy.

I made these for Scarlette... They are baby legs. I used two pairs of socks I got on clearance at target for $2.74. I have seen these on other blogs and the real actual baby legs and thought ... Why would I need these.... then I realized why. Because I hate the way legging look over onesies on babies. I will have to get a picture of princess peach in them.

This is one of the items on my list of projects to make. You can find the link to the tutorial on the side of my blog. It is a crinkly toy for my sweet girl. Love that I made it and it is washable and no lead from CHINA! :)

This is the back of it! It was super quick and easy.

Yes, everything I made was for the little one. I knitted this toadstool rattle for her. It was fairly easy, only a bit annoying with the jingle bell ringing as I knitted.

You can find the tutorial on the side of my blog in the projects I want to make section.

I made these seat belt covers for little girl's car seat straps. Somehow we only had one from when Graham was a baby. I wish I would have made them smaller around... Oh well they do what they are supposed to.... keeps the straps from leaving red marks on her neck.

I have also been working on quilting my two quilts maybe I will be able to share them soon!

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

You have been busy! You are so practical with the things you make... I always make stuff that is so pointless!

Have a great weekend :-)

Rose XXX

She sews and scraps said...

Wow! You are super talented! I love those baby leg things, super cute!
So sorry about your chair!

amylouwho said...

such great little projects! I need to bookmark this page for future reference!

Sorry about the chair. That is sad. :(

Anonymous said...

When do you sleep? I'm always amazed at what all you are doing.

Lyndsey said...

LOVE the crinkly toy! I kept meaning to make one when kaius was younger...

Wendy said...

Im sorry your chair went! I was always sad getting rid of the kids clothes.

The baby legs are cute! Ive bought Morgan a couple pair and I plan on making a couple from clearance Target socks. The crinkly toy is cute, I made one but it didnt turn out so well. All the ribbons pulled out!

Cheryl said...

Cute! I always thought babylegs seemed unnecessary, but you make a good point, so now you've got me thinking I'll make some. I can relate on the emotions w/the clothes. Just packed away summer stuff I know my youngest son has outgrown & won't be reused for baby girl, yet I can't part with them!!