Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weight Loss Wed.

Once again, I am late posting this.
Trying to find a home in CA... as our official move date is the 24th of October.

It was a much better week for me .... lost 2lbs. ONLY 50 million to go.
It seemed to be a good week for most of the participants... yea!

I exercised 4 out of 7 days... which is good, but not enough..... everything is so jello like:(
Maybe this week I can squeeze in an extra day or two... today was shot though because it is rainy:( I could have done yoga, but chose to finish up some sewing projects.
Have laid off the goodies and increased fruits and veggies:)

Below are links to this weeks participants, pop over and leave them a encouraging comment. If you want to join us, email me and I will add you to the weekly email list.

Summer Swanson of: Artful Life
Tasha Riley of : Life of the Riley's
April Oritz of:The Art Chics
Sarah Chimblo of: Sew Sarah
Priscila Barros of: Casa Bella Chic
Colima Smith of: Colima
Rose Charles of:Victoria Rose Paper Crafts
Jenna Z of:Corgi Pants
Brianne Kjar of: Kjar Family

Email me if you would like to participate!!

Sorry I don't have any fun tips of tricks this week.. too much going on.


Colima said...

Good job! Are you getting soooo excited to move??? Well, probably not the moving part as much as the being back in CA part, right? :)

Emily said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds!! Keep up the good work!


Cal said...

Well done for the 2lb loss. And I'm impressed at how much you have exercised. x

carmel said...

jen- so many things that you write about are the same in my life to. so hear, ill tell you about it.
i also gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a week or 2 after you .
and now i feel like a jely fish.
i hate this feeling. every pregnancy of mine, i add 40 pounds or more. and after 6 monthes it goes down back to normal. but to live 6 monthes looking like a mounten is just terrable!
i saw that you have a twin sroller and that you can walk with the little baby and the big baby together. :-)
what a great idea! and i will have to get me one of those soon!
i also have a big baby. he is 2.5 years old and my doghter is 6. so when you took pictures of your 2 kids, when your doghter dresst up her brother like a girl that was so funny cues its the same way over hear, in my house!
exept, our house is in israel.
so any way, i like your blog posts. they many times describe almost the exact same things in my life 2.
you are invited to my blog to see what im talking about.
so take care! and i wish us bothe to loose alote of weight in a very short time!!!! and to look as if we never were pregnant before!

Sarah said...

i lost another pound this week! Yea! Things have been hectic this week for me also so i didn't post....