Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weight Loss Wed.

Here are this weeks stats: 1/2 lb lost & a 1/2" off my waist.
I got no exercise in unless you count packing boxes. HA
24 1/2 Lbs to Goal
At this rate it is going to take me FOREVER.
Once we get settled in CA I will be exercising on a regular basis.

No fun facts this week, must get back to packing.

Below are links to this weeks participants, pop over and leave them an encouraging comment. If you want to join us, email me and I will add you to the weekly email list. Everyone is welcome, weather you want to lose 5lbs or 50lbs.

Summer Swanson of: Artful Life
Tasha Riley of : Life of the Riley's
April Oritz of:The Art Chics
Sarah Chimblo of: Sew Sarah
Priscila Barros of: Casa Bella Chic
Colima Smith of: Colima
Rose Charles of:Victoria Rose Paper Crafts
Brianne Kjar of: Kjar Family
Victoria of: Florence & Mary
Sheri of: Pawsh Poodle
Susan Hahaj of: Suzie Button Creations
Felicity of: Joshy & Belle
Kelly of: Kelly's Recipes For Life

Have a great week!


Suzie Button said...

I think packing IS exercise! I will hope for a half pound loss myself when I go to WW this morning. Have a great day! Suzie

Colima said...

Good job! I agree, packing is totally exercise - maybe not so much cardio as probably weight training? :)

Felicity said...

good luck with the packing, I lost two pounds this week! thanks so much! see you next week. Should I be emailing you this? sorry if im doing it wrong! Fliss,xx (Joshy and belle.)

Florence and Mary said...

Well done on the weight loss!

I need to take my measurements and see where the inches are coming off actually

Victoria xx

Sweetina said...

Packing is exercise!
I want to join Weight Loss do i do that?

Kelly said...

Well done!
Thanks for letting me join in!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxxx