Thursday, January 7, 2010

Freecycle Rocks

I LOVE freecycle! I was a member of the freecycle in Greensboro NC and never really had luck with it. I joined the Napa one right away and have had such great luck. There were so many members in the Greensboro one that by the time I found something I wanted it was all ready gone.

I have received a Rody, a hand held steamer-steam buddy and it works great, a kids guitar( Graham and Gwen fight over it even with a broken string), a hot wheels track, a bag of key limes, a hot air popcorn popper( we had stopped using microwave popcorn about 2 years ago and were using brown bags in the microwave, this is much easier), organic dish washer soap and the best of all......................

This Table!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is super sturdy, the drop leafs on each end work great and are sturdy, it is super heavy to move, and there is a leaf that folds out of the center. It needs to be sanded and repainted, hope I can get hubby on this task asap! We shall see.

I knot there are two different types of people reacting to this.... first group.. what is so special about that.. doesn't look great to me. The second group: Love it and see the potential that I see for it to be creamy shabby chic perfection!

It came with the three chairs, which all need seats recovered.. easy. and two of them need some wood glue and all of them need to be repainted. I have a ton of odd chairs and we plan to paint each one a different color soft pastels. I have a soft green and a soft pink one all ready.

Join your local freecycle... it is a great way to get rid of items that would other wise end up in the land fill and a fun way to end up with some goodies! People get rid of the funniest things!


Emily said...

That table is great!!! I can't believe you got it for free!

Nelly said...

Oh, I love freecycle too! I love it and have been a member for a couple of years and have gotten amazing things for my house and art. I'm the greatest advocate for it. I tell everyone about it. The table you got is awesome.

Heidi said...

That definitely has potential, and to think that you got it for FREE! I'm impressed. I can't wait to see how it turns out! The table and chairs have great shape!

Wendy said...

Great find! Ours is really hit or miss. I've gotten a few things, but for the most part, it seems to be junk of people wanting things.

Teresa said...

I must be in the second group. SCORE !!! I love old drop leaf tables. And I am a certified chair-aholic. I've never heard of the freecycle thing. How does it work? I'd love to get one started here.