Friday, March 12, 2010

My Birthday & A Trip to The Flea Market

I have been wanting to post this since Monday and have either been busy or the DSL was down.  My birthday was last Saturday, so I spent all weekend doing fun things!  The kids had no school on Friday, so Thursday night the kids and I went over to Tiffanie's house and played "Just dance" on the wii with Tiffanie and Kattie.. until 1 am.  Friday night I went out with the girls, Sat. my family came over for my birthday.. we had a yummy lunch and hung out.  Sat night we went over to our good friends Jenny and Steves house for a going away party for our other good friends who are moving to SO.CAL:( Sunday I got up at 5:30 to go to the  Alameda flea market..needless to say I have been tired all week!  

Here are some photos from Fri night and from the Flea market.

Dinner at Norman Rose in Napa

Kattie, me, Tiffanie and Kellie

Melanie, Carie and Sara

Carrie and Sara

Kattie and Me

Tiffanie brought an extra diet coke along in her purse in case of an emergency!
She needs to join me in the diet coke addict club!

After dinner we went to Billcos..  this is me throwing darts.  Super good at this btw! HA HA
This is the second time I had played darts in my life, the other time was with Chad in Chico 13 years ago!

Gina teaching some dudes how to play pool. 
She wanted us to play too, but I am horrid at pool and don't really enjoy it.

Melanie and Sara ended up playing the dart game to the end, the rest of us gave up because we were sooo bad.  

Sara was the big winner

Melanie not happy about losing!

A ride in Gina's car to the bowling alley.

Melanie strikes a pose after she got  a strike!  

We were pretty bad at bowling too, this was the second game. I had the high score for the night of 98, yikes!
Tiffanie and I were trying to finish up the second game(right side) and we were speed bowling for everyone, I was bowling at that point in my sparkley high heels and I did not fall like the man behind the counter said I would.  TALENT
He did however kick us off the lane because they were closing and Tiffanie got a tiny bit rowdy and released the ball behind her so it almost hit me and I had to jump over it(like on the wii)  in my heels.  Never been kicked off of a bowling lane!

A group shot.
Sara, Melanie, Tiffanie, Gina, Me and Carrie

Gina dropped Tiffanie and I off at our house at about 1:30am and we sort of woke the whole house up.  Tiffanie spent a few hours in bed with Gabby before driving home.

On to the Flea Market..

Scarlette's first Flea Market Trip

Love this booth, sooo shabby chic.

Amy and Annie, changing miss Scarlette while I ate my lunch.

Me and Annie with our goodies!  Heidi was holding Scarlette at that point and she wouldn't let me take her picture:(
Here is what I bought!
A vintage pink ford truck for Scarlette.
  I would so drive this truck.  It is up high on her shelf so that it doesn't get stolen by Graham.   

A pretty(pink) vintage Bread box, which we actually use for our bread.

Two charms.

A stop Sign for Grahams wall.
He was so excited about this, Chad had to quickly hang it before he left town on Tuesday.

A giant pink metal "S" for Smith at the moment.. but could also be for Scarlette.  I wish I would have taken a pic of this guys booth, he makes these letters and he had hundreds of letters in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

There were tons of beautiful quilts, pottery and knick knacks... but I was strong and resisted.  Also, had Annie at my side telling me I had enough of all these things.It was a super fun weekend!!!


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Wow what a fab bunch of girlfriends you are! Just my cup of tea (except I doubt it would be tea ha ha)

Great finds at the flea market!