Monday, March 1, 2010

The Price I Paid for Getting My Hair Done

I am not talking about the actual amount it cost from my wallet, I am talking about what it cost me sanity and stress wise.    I left at 10:30am to get my hair done, breast fed Scarlette right before I walked out the door, gave both littles their antibiotics (ear infections) and told Chad nap time at 11:00 and off I went.

 I have not had my hair done professionally in about 6 month, which for those of you who know me well, know that is not normal.  I am a every 6 weeks kind of girl. Saying I was excited to go would be the understatement of the year.  I got my hair cut and colored and had 3 WHOLE hours to my self....AHHHHH  I felt so happy and nice.   And then DUN DUN DUUUUU(in an ominous voice) I get a call from Chad on my way home" are you done yet?  I need to work."  that was in a grumpy voice.  Ever so sweetly I say  "yes, Honey... I will be home in ten minutes."  

I arrived home ten minutes later to find the three of them in the front yard, Chad pacing the driveway with Scarlette in his arms.  He quickly hands me Scarlette and says" your hair looks nice." and was starting to jump in the car.  I then ask him" they are up from their naps all ready?"  He says in a harried voice"only Scarlette slept."  And off into the sunset he went.  Yes, I know he needs to work being that he is the sole money maker for our family and that it was nice of him to work around my hair apt.  But, he made me pay big time for my three hours of peace, I know it wasn't intentional though.

After Chad left we went in to the house and there was not enough time for a nap before we had to go get the big girls at school, so Graham stayed up longer. He was fine all the way until Gwen got in the car at 2:50 and that was the beginning of  HE.L.L.  The bummer about our afternoon pick up everyday is that Gwen gets out of School at 2:40 and Gabby gets out at 3:00 so we have to sit in the middle school parking lot for 15-25 minutes every day.  As soon as Gwen got in Graham started hitting her, so Gwen climbed in the way back once we got to the parking lot. ( Gwen and Graham fight a lot.)  While we are sitting in the lot waiting for Gab, Gwen leans over the back seat to kiss Scarlette and Graham bites her arm.  So she pinches him, so he cries at the top of his lungs... which is LOUD.  Gabby and her friend Ally( who we take home everyday)  finally get in the car at about five after three. Poor Ally has to sit next to Graham.  Normally he just flirts with her and does silly things like burping.  Today he was trying to hit her and succeeded a few times.  He also poked his little sister in the face all the while I am driving and yelling like a crazy person.  At one stop light I finally reached back and grabbed his arm and would not let go, he was flailing about and screaming. egads!  I let go and he  the accurate thrower he is hucks his  "mimi" aka Binky at me and it hits me in the back of the head.... AGGRRRG  I am fuming mad now!  So I took that mimi and threw it out the car window. Yes, we were moving and yes, I looked to make sure there were no cars around that it would hit.  If you happen to be driving down Silverado trail between third and Lincoln and see a light blue binky in the road you will know where it came from!

Then there was more crying, flailing, hitting, kicking... shoe kicking off.  I reached back and grabbed his ni ni and handed it to Gabby. At this point Gabby is super mortified and saying so out loud.  Ally sweet girl that she is was like" this happens with my mom and brothers all the time." Phew I am not the only one.  We get Ally dropped off and get home and it is now 3:30. I make him go to bed  without his mimi!  He literally screamed for an hour and a half,  he went back and forth between " Gabbbbyyy, Gabbyelle(his version of Gabrielle),  I want my mimi, mimi is for nap time... and so on. He even screamed for Gwen(who he is now calling Gwenny) a couple of times.  I had hoped to get him down and run to the post office and the grocery store(because we are out of bread and milk). That did not happen.  The girls both had activities at 5.  So I dropped Gwen off at the Masonic Temple, Gabby off across town at dance and was going to drop Graham off at Tiffanie's and go back to the Masonic temple to watch Gwen get initiated into Rainbow pledge.  Gwen is frantically texting me at 5 saying they are starting so I don't drop Graham off.   I took him with me. He did ok, during the initiation... if you consider crawling around under the chairs good.  We made it through without incident.

Once we got back in the car he and Gwen were at it again.  We get home at 6:30 and I put him to bed, he ended up coming out to eat and finally both littles were asleep by 7:30.  And here I sit writing this while there are a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and a load of laundry on the couch that needs folding not to mention the curtains I need and want to sew. Maybe tomorrow:)


Tasha Riley said...

I'm stressed out just from reading this! Hope today is a better day.

Alicia said...

More importantly, how does your hair look?! Whew - what an afternoon.

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Yey!!! I am not the only Mum who has mad days like this!!!

When the boys were smaller, we would have the usual fights and tantrums in the car too. Something that happened more than once was arriving home with a boy wearing only one shoe! Puzzled I would ask where it is and realise the fuss and screaming was all because he had thrown it out of the window and I wasn't listening to him to stop and go back! Bad Mummy LOL.
Great post!
Love C. x

Wendy said...

Ah, the dreaded "are you done yet?" phonecall. I seem to get that alot, the few times that I am out without ANY kids.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!