Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thrift and Estate Sale Finds

On Saturday I went to a few thrift stores in search of tea cups for Gwen's Alice in Wonderland tea Birthday party.  Not much luck in that department unless I wanted to spend 7$ a tea cup. I did get two for a dollar a piece.  I did find some other fab things though.

This couch cover for 6$  the colors in the next picture are true.  

Scarlette decided to be in this one:)

Steal of the day: yarn and needles for 99cents. The yarn retails for almost 13$ and the needles are about 10$.

All this yarn for 1$

The tule was in with the yarn.  The bag of berries was 98 cents. They are sparkley, not sure what I am doing with them yet.

Berries in a cloche.

The weekend of my bday I stopped at an estate sale and picked up a few things.

Small Vintage pink chalk board.

Some finger tip towels for the shoppe.

A pot holder.
A crocheted lady, she will go in the shoppe too.

For Grahams collection of vintage cars.

4 Pretty pink rose pillow cases, We will be using these on our beds:) Too pretty to cut up.

Off to dance.