Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recent Estate Sale scores

I squeezed in a couple of estate sales the last couple of weekends, and am just now having time to post photos!

A vintage sheet :)

My cute boy is a most excellent vintage hunter:)
He got all of these cars for a buck:)

 I made him share the pink one with sissy. It looks pretty cute next to her vintage pink truck.
They share this shelf.. hence the yellow tractor and baseball on the left side.

A cool vintage fisher price toy, Chad said he had this one as a kid!

 Cool old easter decoration.

He has a boo boo on his foot, but for a quarter I figure I can put something in front of that foot:)

A few tiny xmas decorations!

Vintage baby shoes and booties.  I am keeping the shoes, think Scarlette will be wearing them. Love the little bells on he shoes.
Pink pair is going in the shoppe-$4.00 + shipping

Vintage pitcher.... UM LOVE this.

PINK lid!!!  We made cool aid in it tonight!

Part of a vintage sheet.

Another vintage sheet, love the hem of this one!

Four more vintage satin hangers!
 These are going in the shoppe.. 5$ for the set of four plus shipping.

So much more to post about so am cutting it short so I can get more posts ready to go.


Wendy said...

That pitcher is great, and the little white shoes are precious!