Monday, May 17, 2010

Where have I been??

I have been.... teaching Tiffanie and Traci to make their very first quilt.
Had to take a picture of Tiffanie because this was her first time using a sewing machine:)

 Gabby's 13th birthday was Friday and she wanted a small family party and to go shopping for her birthday. We had her party Sat. afternoon then Sunday I took her and her bff Karli shopping.
We did a Mexican theme for her party because she requested fish tacos.

 Opening gifts.

 Pinyata time.
 My aunt had never done a pinyata so she played along with the kids.

 Getting the loot.
Blowing out her candles, while holding her gift from us.

I have also been busy with this little monster since Thursday.

This is what he likes to do.  Are you all wondering what the heck I am thinking... something else to take care of.  Well, it is her dog so I really only have to deal with him while she is in school and there are only a few weeks left. So far he is a good little pup. He is currently curled up in the front of my sweat shirt. This is all she wanted for her birthday, and she LOVES him like crazy~

 So does someone else~
 How cute are they~

I think this is his official name: Chuy Antonio Molina Marquez Smith.
He is almost 2 whole pounds, I got the pick of the litter and I chose the runt and he seemed mello and so far he is. He has his wild puppy moments.. but for the most part he wants to snuggle.  

I have finished a few sewing projects... and will post them soon:)


Julie said...

He is adorable. Your daughter is so lucky to have gotten such a great present for her birthday. By the way, your daughter is beautiful. Very!!!
Thank you for sharing her day and party. It's so much fun seeing how other people celebrate.
I hope all is well with you. I stopped by to see if weight loss Wednesday was up yet but not but no big deal. Just checking.
Take care and God Bless!!!