Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Weekend Fun

I have been working on this post for days, uggg. For some reason I could not upload any more photos to this blog in google chrome, I had to switch to Internet Explorer and it let me finish uploading, so weird. It appears to be back on track now though.  So on to the MANY PHOTOS!

The Saturday of Memorial Weekend, we met Chad's cousin Ryan and his family at the park for a picnic.  Ryan's daughter Brooke is a month younger than Scarlette, so fun for the girls to meet!

Scarlette and Brooke

Ryan, Brooke, Scarlette and Chad
Chad and Ryan were close growing up in Oregon and now they live an hour from us in Walnut Creek.

Graham making Brooke laugh and Scarlette giving her kisses

Sunday we headed to Stinson beach with a bunch of friends and family. Tiffanie and Keith followed us there and even took Graham because each of the big girls brought a friend and our car is not big enough:(

Tatum Jane

My Sis and Scarlette
Eli, Keely and Scarlette
Sand baby
Bye mom!
Karson playing in the sand
Tatum and her daddy...Keith

Gwenny Penny as Graham calls her.
Yummy Sand!
Gwen, Karson and Graham
My sis and soon to be niece or nephew:) Baby Aguilar is due this December:)

First Pony tail!
Tatum and Graham  are going to get married someday!
So Cute!
He loves her but did not want a sand kiss!
Gabby and Karli.... Bathing beauties!
Graham, Eli and Austin....  funny boys!
Tatum standing all by herself!
Gwen, Scarlette and Isabelle

Gwen and Scarlette or mini Gwen as people call her!

Karson having a snack!

Scarlette and part of me:)

Scarlette and her daddy in his new hat that he got for 1$ at a garage sale:)

My big girl ...Gabby

My cute babies!

Monday we had a small BBQ and I did not take any pics except these two. Scarlette playing at the water table in her swim suit. Tiffanie so nicely brought the water table over  for the littles.

And Mr. Chuy Pepe Molina Marquez-smith  
All 2 lbs of him:)

So many things to post now that the  photo uploading is working again!  


Lisa Macomber said...

that picture of your sissy walking kind of a side view and you cannot see her face totally looks like you!!!

cute pics! Is Gab's friend Karly the one that lived over by you before? Did I tell you that she and my niece are very very good friends!