Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recital Photos

Saturday was the girls annual dance recital and this year i offered to take pictures of the kids before the recital at the studio in their costumes as it is hard to get a good shot at dress rehearsal.
So that kept me busy editing photos and getting them printed for people to have to look at.

Graham watching the girls practice.  He was only sitting like this for a few minutes, then he was all over the place until he went home with Keith to have lunch and hang out.

 Gwen's ballet group she is the second from the left.

 Tatum and Scarlette  in their ballet outfits:)

 Scarlette hanging with Alexa.

 Graham doing break dancing moves on the left side of the stage.  At one point in the middle of a routine he went running across the stage twice.... yikes!

 We also took a picture for the studio of our baby ballerinas:)
Evangeliene, Scarlette, Gracie and Tatum.

Now on to the before photos.

 Gwen in her tap costume.

 Gwen and Isabelle.

 These two have been friends since they were 3.

 Gwen's full costume.

 Izzy and Gwen

 The theme for the recital was cruise around the world... so Gwen's group represented Mexico.

 Love this look..

Scarlette and Tatum

 Scarlette and Gwen

 Scarlette and Tatum


 Gabby and Scarlette

 Gabby's tap costume

 I think she looks like a vintage pin up girl.


 Scarlette Grace
This is the tutu I made her awhile ago.


Simply Sanchez said...

Great shots!!! Scarlette's hair is getting so long!!!

Radka said...

Beautiful blog and photos. Have a nice day Radka.

Wendy said...

Great shots! I didnt get any good photos of Layla in her costume. She was upset afterwards because she thought we left her!