Monday, August 23, 2010

Estate Sale Finds Part 2

WARNING....... TONS of Photos
Here are the rest of the goodies from all the Estate Sales i have been to in the last month.

Vintage sprinklers.... need to buy a new longer hose so we can actually use these to water our garden.

 3 vintage Handbags... soon to be in the shoppe.

 Another vintage game for my collection.. this is a fun game we use to have a newer version of it.
1000 frilly tooth picks... they were only $1.00 and I have all ready used them in projects which you will see soon:)

 Vintage Funeral cards??? will be going into Ephemera Packs for the shoppe.
 These are so pretty.

 Vintage Pink and Blue Christmas Angels.
 Vintage Santa for my Collection.
 Vintage Canning Jars and another blue jar for my collection.  The canning jars were also put to use... which you will see in the same post as the tooth picks.
 Vintage Sheets... which have been cut up and made into FQ packs

 A vintage milk glass hobnail lamp... 1$  needs to be cleaned up still.
 A round vintage mirror with a rose etching.  Currently sitting in my room... needing to be cleaned and I need to see where I will hang  it. 
 Two pillows which are on my couch as we speak.
 Goodies in a pile.
 Some cool vintage buttons.
 More Vintage Sheets
 These I rescued from a box that was going in the trash.  
 Lots of fun fabric... only keeping a small amount of it, the rest will be in the shoppe soon.
 Vintage tea towels.  I am using the one with green crochet edging... and maybe the dog one... the other two are cleaned and waiting to be ironed and photographed for the shoppe.
 Yards and yards of vintage crochet lace.   have lots of projects in mind for these.
 Pillow cases.
 Another vintage umbrella for my collection.
 Umbrella open.
 A couple vintage Halloween items.
 Vintage Christmas Wreath.
 Vintage Pink Hangers.  I will be Switching out some of the non pink ones in my closet with these and giving the girls the old ones.
 Vintage Pink plastic box with a rose on the lid. Love this..haven't found the exact perfect things to store in this yet.
 Pretty rose dish.  And 3 Bimbo-ha bowls.  Love the bimbo bowls
 Pink vintage shiny Brites!  SOOOOO pretty
 Aqua pyrex bowl.. pretty faded and scratched up so am keeping this as a serving bowl.
 Will be selling this at the Napa Vintage Flea Market.  Vintage lidded pyrex bowl.
 Pink lidded tupperware containers, in use in my kitchen storing things:)
 White Rotary Princess phone.... might sell, not sure, kind of love it.
 Clear plastic box full of vintage seam binding and other sewing notions:)
 White vintage Mixing bowl... I have one of these and I love it. This one is headed for the flea.
 Two pieces of milk glass.... the really sad thing is the piece in the back got broken by my eldest child moments after I took this picture.... which made me sad because I loved the shape of it:( sniff
 pretty rose plate... to add to my wall of plates.
 More great vintage fabric
 a pretty pale yellow chenille comforter... love it!
 how could i resist this satiny rose blanket.... only problem, is I am not sure how to wash it... any suggestions??
 More fabric... will be in shoppe soon
 The top picture is  the new one.
 Love it and love the old frame
 Pretty shabby rose bowl.
 Love this vintage metal shelf... it needs some cleaning and a new coat of spray paint.
Wish there had been more of this love the aqua color.
Vintage Red measuring cups... heading into the shoppe.
Some random glass items.  Blue bowl in shoppe all ready.
Neeto vintage muffin tin
Darling rose bed tray.
Two ballerina pictures... LOVE these.. going to paint the frames and hang them in Scarlette's bedroom:)
Little Mirror and a frame.
Some Eyelet Valances
2 Table cloths... going to sell... not my style... but really nice cloths.
Some Ephemera and a enamel ware container with a lid.... love it!

I could not pass up these pretty note cards and envelopes... love the roses sooo much.

 Starting from here is what I picked up this weekend.
This vintage ball for the kidos.
 Is has abc on one side and 123 on the other side.
 Pink vintage potter vase.. will be in shoppe soon.
 Tiny little pottery booties, they are now on a shelf in Scarlette's  room.
 Tiny little bunnies for Gwen and the littles poodle for Gabby's dog collection
A vintage Yellow and white striped bracelet.  

 Tiny milk glass vase to add to my huge collection
 Vintage Yellow Soap dish... will be in shoppe soon.
Vintage Frames....

 Ha a vintage ant farm... it says will mail you the ants...he he
 Cute green glass beverage container... headed for the shoppe
 vintage fisher price puzzle for kidos... missing the police man.. going to search ebay.
 A lamp that needs rewiring and the wooden base painted.
 10 feet of aqua vinyl.. going to use for some chair covers... I think
Misc vintage puzzle pieces.. going to add to Ephemera packs.

Last but not least, actually one of my faves for 2$.... milk glass wall sconce:)  Can't wait to clean it up get a a shade and hang it by my bed maybe:)

Phew that was a lot ....I have another long post in store, Scarlette's pink 1st bday:)


Lisa Macomber said...

geez......did you get enough??? lots of great finds

Pea Green Kitty said...

Some fabulous finds there! I especially love the rose satin bed cover and the enamel shelf...ooh and the little rose bed tray...oh so much!
I would say to hand wash the bed cover in the bath tub and drip dry outside, thats what I do with my quilts.

landcuckoo said...

Was that all from just the one place? That is fantastic, well done on getting some delightful things there.
Sorry, I have no idea how to wash that lovely blanket though.
take care
Sarah x

Shara said...

WOW. SO much stuff. So much GREAT stuff! I just bought a box of 1000 frill picks too. I put them in a huge Mason Jar and we are using them for our summer sandwiches too. I do beleive 1000 will last us an eternity!

Wendy said...

holy jackpot! i have one of those teal/blue pyrex mugs, too.