Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recent Estate Sale Finds Part1

The last two weekends I have hit a few real good estate and yard sales... here is part one of the loot.

To add to my vintage Game collection, this game is right up Chad's alley it is like scrabble with dice. Not my favorite... which is  Pictionary!

Some vintage satin organizers, to sell or not to sell that is the question.

 A white milk glass coffee mug, a white piece of vintage pottery.. in so so condition and a cute glass, it is just the right size for my littles~
 Milk glass urn and a vintage orange coffee mug... that I bought for my hubby because his fave color is or orange and he was so not excited about it.  It may be for sale soon!
 Pink Limoges Havaland dishes... there are four but one is glued together so I will be breaking it up or selling as is for someone who does mosaic.
 Two fun necklaces
 Some vintage ladies from Japan... not sure what to do about the two that use to be white
Vintage Doily's these are being made into something:)

There is a TON more!


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Oh I love those dishes!!! How could you break one up though? Poor thing!!! Ha ha! x

Heidi said...

Love the colors of those satin organizers! I only seem to find the pale peachy pink ones but I like the darker ones you found.

Lisa Macomber said...

you should sell the jewelry me! all my jewerly is currently in a ZIPLOC BAG...pathetic I know. And um....still waiting on pink party pics since i had to miss it!

Jeanne said...

YOU ARE LUCKY, I love those little satin organizers. I AM JEALOUS, but next weekend a Girlfriend and I are going to a HUGE FLEA MARKET in Minnesota so I am hoping to come home with some good stuff myself. I promise I will share pics too.