Monday, November 15, 2010

Summer -Catch up

I have so many things to post, so I thought I would do a mega post about summer to get sort of caught up. 

We started the summer out visiting the Yountville Pool on Wed. Evenings for toddler swim.

Scarlette Grace LOVES the Water.
She is pretty sure she can swim, she tried to get away from me in the pool all summer long. sheesh

Graham Loves to pose for a photo:)

 More Pool Fun.

 Tatum and Scarlette
Ruffle booties
 Scarlette and Tatum
They look so little here.
Playing at the water table at Tatum's - Grandmas  House

 Earth Day
Driving the bus is serious business.

 Graham and Karson in the school bus.
Not sure why they had a school bus since there are only a couple in all of NAPA.

Buckling up:)

 Scarlette Grace being a silly goose and sitting in her toy basket

 White mouse she is holding is her  lovey.

 Graham and Gabby on the little roller coaster
 Tea Cups
 Fun House
Gabby was such a good sport, she took Graham on every ride he wanted to go on. Thank goodness...because I get motion sickness:(

 Driving.... his fave

 This ride was CRAZY.. it spun in circles up in the air.  Such a brave little man.
 Tiffanie and I watched the Danny Gokey concert and her sister Stacey snapped a picture of him:)

 Me and Tatum on merry go round.
 Chad and Scarlette.
 He found something else to drive.
 A little rest on the curb.
 Tatum and I petting the sheep.
 Chad and Graham checking out the big ole piggies.

Driving with Karson.

Nascar in his future??

The one ride I went on.
Hate this pic of me.. 

Keith keeping Scarlette warm in Tiffanies sweat shirt.. this mama didn't bring sweaters, didn't think we would be at the fair for 7 hours:)

Beach Trip
 Posing yet again
 Cute Boys
Graham and Karson.

Gabby, Graham and I touching a star fish.

 Yes I am holding it:)

Tatum think she is HOT stuff:) Sitting in the big girl chair

Scarlette's Turn

Time to eat sand.

Tatum and Scarlette playing in the sand.

Graham playing with trucks

She was putting the sandy toys on her head...

 Tiffanie and Karson check out the starfish

 Keith and Tatum and starfish
Karli and Gabby with their dogs climbing the jetty.

Next up will be some fall activities. lots of projects and some vintage finds.