Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Graham Turns Four

Well, he actually turned four way way back at the beginning of January.Yes, I am that far behind... Eek. Moving has really put a crimp in my blogging.  

We decided to do something small for his bday since we were moving a few weeks later.

Gwen making cup cakes.... yes we cheated and used store bought frosting!

We decided to take him to Chuck E Cheese on his actual birthday, my family came and of course our family from another mother...ha ha... Tiffanie, Karson and Tatum came to celebrate.

It wasn't too much of a mad house there as it was a weekday at lunch time.

blowing out his candle.

Look Mom I did it!

Opening Gifts!

For some reason I never buy boy wrapping paper, so I gave the girls the craft paper and they decorated it!

Poor little dude got confused in the tunnel... guess who had to run to his rescue....

Yep.... me.. the claustrophobic mama.  I had to be brave for my boy.

His new nerf gun... How many bullets do we have left... two maybe..

He also celebrate at his preschool
Graham and Miz Lori making his birthday cake.

The beloved Miz Lori singing happy birthday to Graham.

There are of course tons more photos, just wanted to do a quick highlight.

At four you are a ball of energy, constantly on the go.  A phrase I often hear from people about you is that you are a sweet boy and a charmer. You are super coordinated, and would rather be doing something physical.  You can spell your name, you know your birth date, can count to 15, know your colors and can sing your abc's.  You don't want to ever wipe your own bottom, sheesh. You have a natural love of cars.... vintage hot rods:)  You always tell me that you are my boy.
And you are.... my best boy:)