Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

On the way to work Saturday I stopped at an Estate Sale, it was a good one... chocked full of goodies and people... ugg I hate when there are mobs.  I got some fun goodies despite all the peeps. I also went to a moving sale after work and got a few things.

This easter basket and eggs were from the after work sale. Loving the pink basket:)

Alice my boss is a major junker also and she was telling me about the after work sale and mentioned this booster seat... So I went and got it for 3$... Scarlette Grace Loves it you can see her hand reaching for it, she was getting mad at me, she wanted it back in the house in her spot.

I have all ready worn this necklace... you'll see it for What I wore Wed.  From the AM sale.

Two vintage black hand bags- from afternoon sale... these will be going in the shoppe.

Both Chad and I got Garden hats from the PM sale... See my cute ring... these will be in shoppe soon.

A croquet set... can't wait to set it up and play this summer. PM sale.

A darling vintage chair... I will be recovering seat and selling, I have too many chairs all ready.-PM SALE

Vintage Pillow Case- it is extra long.. perfect for a dress.-AM Sale

Vintage hankies and a vintage scarf.... may sell the scarf-AM sale

An amazing curtain panel - Will go be in shoppe soon-AM sale

VINTAGE SHEETS- PRETTY- will be sharing these in the VS of the month club and adding some to shoppe. AM Sale

Jar of Vintage Buttons- PM Sale

Cool vtg Necklace- AM Sale

Baby doll and vintage stacking cups- AM Sale... baby is drying after a good scrub.

Alice bought this for me at PM Sale when she was there in the am. SOO cute

Vintage Ornaments-because I really needed more-ha- AM sale

This is in one of those cheepo frames- I have a few more- thinking about spray painting them and doing a collage of some kind. I love this print, my MOM has it and I have always loved it, so here is a mini version. AM SALE

Vintage picnic basket with items inside... may not keep the plates, can not decide.-AM sale

We also got an ironing board from PM sale for free, it is super heavy duty and we needed it so we could have one upstairs in laundry room and the other one down stairs in the sewing room.

I am super happy with my finds... My favorite thing is the booster seat!