Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mustard Flowers 2011

Yesterday we went and took our annual mustard flower pictures. We almost missed them this year, there was only one field left...yikes!

BTW- there are quite a few pictures...

Me, Gwen, Graham and Scarlette Grace.

Me Graham and Scarlette... Too bad the flowers are covering their faces.
Alexis and Gabby

Wheres Gabby??

Scarlette and Chad

Love this one!

Scarlette and Chad....serious faces!
My boy.
Chad, Graham and Scarlette.
Gabby and Alexis running through the field.

Gab and Alexis

Me and the Little's
Gabby, Alexis and Gwen.... super tall field.
Picking Flowers

Scarlette grace.... So serious
There is my sweet girl

Going on an adventure
Cute girl
Blue eyed boy.

fantastic four.
Gwen, Scarlette Grace, Gabby and Graham
Getting them all to look is impossible.

Sweet Girls.

Gab and her bff Alexis
Gab, Scarlette and Alexis

We did try to get a family photo... no good ones as usual... ugg.


sandandstarfish said...

What a beautiful field to take pictures in! You have such a lovely family!

Colima said...

Aw, what fun pictures! You all look great!