Monday, March 14, 2011

Super Deals Today

Today I had some errands to run and I got some amazing deals.... SO, I had to share.

Stop one: Claire's ...Gwen had a birthday party to go to so we stopped on the way yo grab a gift.... talk about last minute...YIKES.
The good news was that they are having their 10 items for 10$.... This is the best time to shop at Claire's... you do have to shop off the clearance rack... but it is a great time to stock up to have things on hand for gifts.
We got Gwen's friend about 40$ worth of stuff for $15 and I grabbed a couple items for easter and 2 things for myself... which will show up in what I wore wed.
Stop Two: Cost Plus: I got 10$ in free merchandise for my birthday because I am a rewards member. Which doesn't cost to join. I got the cutest bath mat it is grey and sooo pretty. Which I will show you at some point when I do a before and after of the new house.
Stop Three: Osh Hardware... needed some mirror holders for my full length mirror and low and behold it was tax free day.

 I also grabbed a can of spray paint:) While doing so I stopped in my favorite department:
Is it sad that looking at paint and being in a paint store fills me with joy.... it's the excitement of making something new I think. Maybe I am weird?

Stop Four: Target: Where I used my target debit card and got 5% off... which you can even use at the Starbucks in target:)  I didn't really get any major deals, just 5% off... I did get these though:
Yikes my hands are looking OLD.. Any way these are those stickers that are nail polish... they were on sale for 8.99$ regular 9.99$ and I had a gift card balance. Supposedly they last for 10 days... I will keep you posted on that front.
Stop five: Trader Joes: nothing special to report there, just grabbed a couple items for the kids for snacks.

Did I mention.... That I was all by myself.... ahhhh.... it was quite a pleasant shopping trip:) I was gone about 4 hours:) Also exciting... when I got home Chad and I tackled some projects around the house.
Have to go finish Gwen's Class Year book Page.


Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

I love when Claie's has that deal! I stocked up last year for Christmas for Layla with that sale.

No Model Lady said...

I love grazing at Target alone. It's like therapy!