Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Wore Wedensday

It's that day of the week again... time to post what I wore this week... I forgot a couple days to get pics of what I wore.. oops. I am linking up with all the girls over at the Pleated Poppy for WIWW.  The cool thing about this is it has made me be more creative with my outfits and accessories.  

Last Wed Night- going to GULP... High School Orientation with Gabby

Gab was my photographer once again... frizzy curly hair thanks to rain!
Love that the pocket and shadow of my jeans makes my but look weird.
Dark Jeans- Guess Outlet
Shoes- Nine west- Eons ago
Black cardi-(new) target
White ribbed tank-target-love these btw.
pretty white blouse- Converse brand from target (new)
Grey rose bracelet- Claire's
vintage locket ring-Uh... a garage sale.. years ago I think.

Close up of bracelet and ring and hands looking hideous. I use lots of lotion I swear.

 Saturday-Going to work then having 6 11year old girls sleep over for Gwen's bday

It is cold in my shop so warm cozy sweater required.
Black cozy sweater-Old navy
Jeans-Levis outlet...years and years ago
red cami-forever 21- new
rain boots- local dept store years ago
scarf hand crocheted- find them here in my shoppe more coming later today.

sort of close up of ring.... bad lighting.
Better.... and the nail stickers lasted 9 days before they started to chip... well worth the $8.50

Earrings: Coming to RLT Shoppe in the next few days... Love them!

Monday: Running kids around
Bad Lighting again
grey ribbed tank-target
Aqua top-Old navy-new
Scarf-Old Navy- New on clearance for 3.50
jeans-Lucky Jeans- hand me down
Grey flats- TJ MAXX  or ROSS
Ring:  Coming soon to RLT Shoppe.

Ring Close up- LOVE it.

Sunday: Birthday Shopping with Gwen

Hair and face just looked too bad
Aqua cardi-old navy
White blouse- Hand me down from friend Annie
White tank- forever 21
Jeans-Levis - same as the other day.. love how the pocket is making my but and thigh look gross!
Necklace- Vintage from estate sale -see previous post
Shoes-ross-getting worn out, so sad because I love them and they are comfy!
Ring- Same one coming soon.

Bad crop of vintage head band from the shop I work at.

Next week's outfits should be way more springy as it is spring break and we are headed down south... going to the beach!!!


Our Little Bubble said...

very cute outfits! nice and creative :)

Frenchy said...

Love the outfits ! Love the scarf you made...You are so creative !
love the Old navy one too...the price !Nice !
love your blog ! So gorgeous !
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