Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Photographing myself has been unsuccessful... Bad lighting, mirror too small, wrong lens? IDK... Any tips would be appreciated!!!!!!!! What I realize from doing this is that I can put together decent outfits... the hard part is the outfits being practical for a mama of 4 and all it entails. I am linking up with all the other fashion mavens at the Pleated Poppy.

Due to all of my photo challenges, I have had to enlist photographers....

Last Thursday.. Working in Graham's Preschool Class
My husband took this one, he was in a hurry sooo my eyes were all crazy... so I cropped them off. ha 
Basic Black cable Sweater-New- (old Navy)- On clearance 7.54$ or something like that.
Jeans: Lucky Brand- From the new thrift- 3$- these are perfect for knocking around as they are faded and were 3$ so if they get ruined... no big deal
Scotty dog rain boots- have had for YEARS- Local department store- Mccoulas
Grey Ribbed tank- target-New 
Cream Rosey Scarf- made by me... you can find one of the many I have and am making HERE...  I will take custom orders, I have two waiting to photograph.
Pink rose ring- hard to see... My shoppe

Friday- at Work... Took my camera with me and had my co-worker snap a few... pretty sure she thinks I am crazy for asking her to take my picture:)

Bad lighting

Stupid eyes and hair.. sorry you don't get to see it:)
Aqua cardigan-NEW- Old Navy
Perfect(unless I gain weight) White ruffled Blouse- Beneton Outlet
White ribbed tank- Target
Dark Skinny jeans- NEW- Guess Outlet... LOVE LOVE LOVE these
Aqua metal flower ring... Have had for YEARS
Vintage Aqua earrings- Purchased at Betty's Girl Boutique(Local)- years ago
Leather (not running upstairs to look at brand) Vintage inspired heels- New from the Thrift- LOVE THEM

 Saturday- Work
I built this outfit around the tights. I got them at old navy on clearance while I was bday shopping...they were $2.49. Figured I better Hurry up and wear them as the weather is starting to change.
Normally, I would have put brown with this skirt as there is a bit of tan in the tweed... but my fashionista of a hubby and I both agreed that the grey looked good with the skirt. I would also wear boots or different shoes, however standing on cement floors all day ... only allows comfy shoes.
Shoes are madden girl- have had for years.... from either Ross or our local dept. store... can't remember.
Tweed skirt- Anne Taylor Outlet- Bought in 06' - I remember this as I was just preg with Graham.
Black ribbed tank-can't see but it's there-Target
Cream Lace blouse- Hand me down from my friend Heidi
Grey Cardi with rose embellishments-LOVE- NEW- Forever 21- I think
Vintage sterling locket ring...  with no pictures inside :)
Purple stone dangle earrings-Traded with a lady at a craft fair I participated in

Sunday-Running Errands
 Making an ugly face in an attempt to not look ugly or stupid-HA
Black and White Polka Dot Hair band/vintage scarf- New- Purchased from the Shop I work at
Ribbed thermal-hand me down from friend Heidi
Ribbed white tank-Target
Silver earrings- Snagged from Gab's room on way out as I forgot earrings.
Necklace- Vintage--- Have had for years-Garage sale-I think...
Grey Tissue Boyfriend Cardi-Old Navy-NEW
Black Bangles-Vintage Bakelite and Vintage plastic- Purchased from the bakelite lady years ago and picked up at garage sales.
 Rosey Ring- My Shoppe
Jeans-Converse brand -another hand me down from Heidi I think
Same Black madden Girl Paten leather shoes

Gabby was the photographer de Jour... she got artistic on this one!

MONDAY- sweats, dirty hair and no makeup!=NO Photo

Tuesday-Running Kids to and Fro

One of my photo attempts.
Bevel on mirror... not working.
Let's run down Scarlette's Outfit:) And notice Chuy Pepe a few stairs up. You are seeing bits and pieces of my new house:)
 Scarlette Grace-Hot pink Pea coat Old Navy
Jeans- Baby Gap purchased at a consignment sale, Baby Uggs- Gift from my parents 

 Making a silly face at Gabby because she was holding the button down and took 4700 pictures of me sitting in the rocker.

White Ribbed tank- Target
White Tissue Tee-Target (new) 
Jeans- Converse jeans again
Cream Boyfriend Cardi- Forever 21
Rosey Pink Ring-  my Shoppe
Rain boots- Local dept store
Earrings-Clair's during one of the big sales- I think or on clearance at local dept store.
Scarf- This is the scarf that started me making them... My friend Kattie Gave it to me for my bday, one of the little lady's in the facility she works in made it.

And that my friends is my super glamorous wardrobe.


Cassi said...

The wellies / rainboots! I have to get mine out now. Cute style