Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Before & After & a Question.

Something I swore I would never hang on my walls...... and now I have. That being said I foo fooed them up a bit. I have seen antlers all over the place and when I was at the Flea market a couple of weekends ago, I saw a pink pair... so I knew that when I got a pair... they too would be pink. My friend Darian knew I wanted some, and her Dad happened to have quite a few... so he donated these to me.  Pretty sure there will be some hunters cringing over this:)



AFTER... A light coat of pink spray paint!!
I can not wait for another holiday so I can hang ornaments from them... How cute will that be... EEEK

I feel like they need something still.... mounted on a plaque? Cover the head part with fabric? 
So my question is.... Leave them as is or....... what do you think they need???


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, I'm Hollly! I think? we've met before?

Oh my goodness! My son would be so mad at me if I did that! Ha-ha! I once told him about a cool coffee table I had seen with white antlers as the base, covered with a oblongish glass top. He said something like, "Don't you dare!" Yeah, he's 13. :)

Frugalicious said...

OMG! Love,Love, Love it! I have a pair of antlers that I move around my living room at least twice a week! I'm inspired to do something else with it!

Rebekah said...

My dad has his first deer's (entire) head mounted in their living room wall. I used to put a Santa hat on it's head then hang garland and bulbs from the antlers.

You blog is so chic. I was just clocking on other blogs and gradually found a link to it.

Val said...

Rebekah's comment made me laugh, :) and your antlers are clever, but OH MY GOODNESS, I love that [shelf? built-in? display-piece, anyway]! Is it built-in? If not, is it just considered a shelf or china cupboard, or...? I'd LOVE to find something like that, it's amazing. 'Love it, love it , love it! :)