Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Weekends Finds

Last weekend I hit a couple of yard sales.... and got some fun stuff.

A yarn/knitting holder.... I want to replace fabric... may be awhile!

A aqua lemonade jug!

Vintage sheets:)

Pac man pillow case- going into shoppe.

A couple jars

I love the crown on this one, I have a small collection of blue canning jars on my front porch.

Vintage santa boot, red thermos-the little one I have does not hold enough hot chocolate for our whole family! Two small pictures and a vintage sewing basket

With sewing goodies inside.

I wanted to get her picture taken before dark so she didn't get cleaned first
Now...She is nice and clean and in my printer box

Vintage straw bag... got another one and it is on consignment at the shop I work at.

A bag of christmas stuff

Yarn-came in the yarn holder.

Basket... going to be a toy containment device in playroom.

a few:0 vintage gingham card table cloths. LOVE them... I may sell a few.

A couple of vintage dresser scarfs- going to go in shoppe.

Vintage Aprons

Close up..

Vintage nighty.... keeping this one. Got a couple vintage slips that will be going in the shoppe.

Horrid picture... vintage suit... need to try it on... if I don't like it or it doesn't fit, it will be in the shoppe.

One of the vintage slips... i love this one... however the boobs are probably going to be huge so I will have to sell it:(

Vintage dress..... hope it fits!!!

Petti coat keeper... needed this... they are so hard to store and take up sooo much room!

vintage scarves

A nighty top... sooo cute.

There were a couple more clothing items... need washing and pressing. Hope to have that done and put them in the shoppe soon.


Colima said...

great finds! I love that yarn holder thing! Cute.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Great finds!! Yard sale season is just now beginning in my neck of the woods. They are so much fun, aren't they?