Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wed.

I didn't get to post last week as we were in Southern CA on spring break and the wireless in the hotel room was horrid.  So, that means we have almost two weeks worth of outfits. Chad keeps asking where all the new clothes are coming from.... still clothes from my bday, just hasn't been nice enough to wear most of them.

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Two Friday's ago... Going to work. Was on my period and felt so fat and uncomfortable in this outfit it was miserable. I didn't even take my picture the next day because I was wearing my frumpy fat sweater and pants to compensate for the bloated fat feeling.

Converse jeans- hand me down
Fushia shoes-ross- getting worn out
Sweater Old navy(new)- on clearance and a 30% off coupon-ended up being 6$
Green skinny belt-Old Navy
Pinkish  T-shirt Kohls- new $6
Cami-Forever 21

Vintage Aqua bangles- Estate Sale
Green Ring-Forever 21

Necklace- Vintage Pearl... It has all my babies names on it... a gift from my good friend Melissa after Scarlette was born.

A picture with my head.
With my coat on... it was super cold out still.
I got this great vintage coat at an estate sale in NC when we lived there.

Sunday, Travel day headed south for spring break.
Blurry pic... But I like it anyway.
White top target
white cami-forever 21
chunky sweater- BCBG from the thrift.
One cute baby girl made by me:)

Bronze flip flops- Old Navy.
I love bronze, silver and gold shoes... they go with everything!
Mermaid green toes-Wet and wild- It has stayed on my toes great- Fingernails not so much.

Army green cargo cords- Old navy years and Years ago. Pulled them out of the skinny box and low and behold they fit! Faux pearls-hanging at a weird angle. Cream bracelet from the shop I work at.
Graham is wearing a polo I got from the kids consignment sale in the fall.
Hubby is sporting his Nike sweatshirt, jeans and vans.

Monday AM- walk on the beach in Santa Barbara Area... before heading farther south.
Dark Skinny's Guess Outlet
White cami-Forever 21
Polka dot top- (New) forever 21
Black Cardi- (new) Target
Vintage necklaces-Estate Sale-I think

Vintage Aqua bangles
Aqua Daliah Ring- Coming to my shoppe soon.
Mermaid green nails -which started chipping right away...bu I love the color sooo much.

Cute babies- Made by me:)

At hotel in Santa Ana- later that day- Had to change clothes- managed to get filthy.
Girls wanted to see the Hollywood Walk of fame.
Each time Gabby takes my pic, she takes one of me walking toward her and this is how they all look... Is this how I look when I am walking....Yikes I hope not.

Same Skinny's and Cami
navy floral tank-target or Khols
White Shrug- forever 21
Gold sandals- Rocket Dog- Local Dept store- Clearance for $9.99- orignal $39.99- They are comfortable too:)
Same vintage necklace and I added a Pink Rosey ring from my Shoppe.

Wed. headed to Huntington Beach for the day. I remember when I was a teenager and I made fun of my Mom's white ghost legs- Guess who has them now- EGADS! Need to get self tanner-STAT.
White Shorts- Lucky Brand from Nordstroms- Years ago- Pulled out of skinny bin:)
White cami-Target
Navy polka dot top-Old navy
Cream Boyfriend Cardi- Forever 21- I managed to forget to pack a sweatshirt- not that I have any- need to find a cute one though.

Change of clothes for dinner- We went to Sushilicious- So fun.
Same Cami, top and sweater.
Jeans- levis
Rocket dog sandals again.

Betty Lou Necklace- Bought at the Napa Arts and Craft Fair Last summer. She is made from a sterling spoon. LOVE her!

Vintage Tooled leather clutch from the Shop I work at!Love it!

Wed. we headed to mission beach... this first outfit I didn't end up wearing... but I had all ready had Gabby take pics so you can see what I didn't wear:)
Loving Graham in the Background doing God knows what. Gabby's famous walking shot.

Scarlette and her mimi aka Lovey snuck into this one.

Gray Cardi- Forever 21
White tank- Target
Pearls from estate sale, ring forever 21, Rocket dog sandals again
Skirt I got at the nicest Goodwill I have ever been to.... Picked it up the day before in Irvine - $5.99.
 What I actually Wore
Vintage Red Bangles- Picked up here and there- Estate sales etc.

Red t-shirt Target
Jean Capris- hand me down from Heidi
Dress Khols
Same sandals

Thursday was a travel day forgot to take pic.

Friday off to work. Took these after work hence the head cut off... wasn't looking great after a long day.
White Dress- New forever 21
Pink shrug- Nordstroms- Years and Years ago.
Ring- Gift from my friend Sarah- It was waiting for me at work! LOVE it
Same Vintage Necklace from above.

Bronze flip flops again- YOU will see these often.

Saturday- Headed to work.
White ruffled tank- old navy
White cami- Target
Goodwill Skirt
Same sandals
White cardi/shrug- Target last summer

Vintage Yellow necklace- Betty's Girl- Local Boutique- Have had for Years
White faux flower- hubby bought for me years ago.

Yellow/white Bangles- picked up at Estate and Garage sales.
Ring from Sarah again!
notice the thumb- could not get the green polish off that nail for DAYS.

Have been in sweats since then. Migraine Sunday. Monday and Tues, I have been doing chores.

Will I wear real clothes tomorrow.... to be determined:)


crystal b. said...

You have the CUTEST style!!! I am dying over that grey sweater and the yellow thrift store skirt. Hope you are having fun on vacation. :)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Wowzas you put me to shame with all your pics! Im loving that yellow floral skirt. Its always nice to see fashionable mommas.:)

Anonymous said...

You have great style!

DeeAnna said...

I looove the yellow skirt from Goodwill. I would have been jumping up and down!!

Emily said...

I love that coat!! It's so fun to see what you wear. :)

Carri said...

The leather clutch is so cute! I must find me one of those!!

Nicole said...

Great outfits! Love the yellow and white floral dress with the gray cardi! Jealous of your beach day. I am so ready for warm weather.

Monica said...

I have a "skinny box" in my closet. Maybe someday... :)

Cute outfits!!

Savvy in San Francisco said...

Love all of your outfits! You looked adorable all week. Really like your skirt that you got at the goodwill in Irvine.

Laura @ live.laugh.photograph said...

hi i found you throug MGR :)

that floral cardi is SO awesome! i must try to find one!!!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

You have the CUTEST outfits! I love all the sweaters and shrugs, great idea! I MUST know what Goodwill you went to. I live in LA and mine is terrible. It might just be worth the drive, cause that skirt is awesome :)