Monday, April 11, 2011

What Tasks I Actually Completed & Todays Task list

Yesterday was a productive day, I completed quite a few of the items on my list. I lined through the items on yesterdays post... so you can see what I accomplished.  We got off track and did a few items not on yesterdays list...they were however on the big list of things I wanted done.

We moved Grahams toddler bed downstairs and into the garage. We then moved Gwen's twin out of the big girls room... they had two doubles and a twin in their room for a couple weeks. So Graham now has Gwen's old bed.   Need to get some boy bedding. Right now he has a blue chenille coverlet on his bed.... under that lurks pink striped sheets.. poor boy. I told him we would get boy sheets soon.  We had to rearrange the littles room in the process... whole process took awhile.

We spent a lot of time in the garden.  
We made yummy fish tacos for dinner.

-Taxes almost. waiting for one piece of info!
-Laundry A few loads
-emails mostly
-Estate Sale Blog Post
-VS Blog Post
-Email winners of VS giveaways
- TONIGHT- Organize sewing room Started the project... it is going to take a few days! YIKES

I will line through these tasks as I complete them.


Jean said...

YEAH for you Jen! I wonder if I made a list if I could be that accomplished, or if it would just exhaust me to look at it!