Thursday, June 2, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

BEWARE this post is going to be photo heavy as this is weeks worth of finds.
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On to the goodies...
This is the most adorable glass Juice pitcher... Can't wait to serve juice out of it.

A pretty statue... don't mind the weeds.

A cute outdoor table... needs a coat of spray paint.

This is going to hold paper in my studio... it cost 3$  I LOVE IT

A wash board for my collection in my laundry room.

A silver holder... this is down at the shop I work at for sale, to large to try to deal with shipping.

two bracelets, a heart pendant and a pretty spoon.

Some old jars

Books for the kids... only paid 50cents for all of them.

Two vintage avon jars.. the yellow one is in my yellow bath and the pink one is in my pink aqua and grey bath.


Pretty pillowcase

A Purdy brush and two wire cutters... all for 3$

This is the top of my kitchen cabinets... the Item that is new is the far right thermos..

Close up of the darling thermos

A vintage Yellow satin box... going to use it in my yellow bathroom for storage as there is none.

Vintage Santa

Halloween deco and a vintage skunk game... which we played on Mon. as a family.

Tiny lamp shades... which will be getting a make over soon.
The tree turner stand!  Got it for 75cents:)

You can't tell from the picture, but these checkers are giant, they are about 4". The checkerboard is yucky... So I plan to make a new cute one.

Vintage Lipstick holders

These will be in the shoppe soon.

A car for Graham

Rooster S & P shakers... will be in Shoppe soon

vintage cookie cutters... Half are going in the shoppe

Two Tiny vases about 2" tall.  Keeping the lady.. The man will be in the shoppe soon.

This is one of my favorite finds... I LOVE Jadite but it is always too pricey... I asked the lady how much and she said $2.25.  I just about peed my pants with excitement.

Love this vintage Christmas Box... It has the Icicles in it still.

A Vintage clown toy.. which is for sale at the shop I work at.

This is the cutest piece of pottery... Try to ignore the dirt... It is all cleaned up pretty now.

Vintage Red stapler.

Vintage Green scale... for sale at my work.

Vintage sheets.

A lady night light... i love her but have no where for her so I will be selling her in the Shoppe.

Cute Valentine bell girl... Love to find vintage V-day decor.

Tiny vintage Bunnies, for my printer box.

Vintage Picnic basket.

Old light.

Cool mirror for my hall of mirrors... will be spray painting it.

Darling pink jewelry box and goodies inside.

Gwen and I are debating over who gets to keep it.

Canning jars.

Cute Vintage Lamp.

Vintage Buttons.

Pink vintage Santa.

Part of my milk glass collection.... the new piece is the pitcher

Close up of pitcher

Wood salad utensils... for sale at my work

Cool vintage stapler... for sale at my work.

Cute vintage Thermos for sale at my work.

Phew that was a TON of stuff.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You found awesome things! Your jadeite is to die for!

Heidi said...

I can't believe you found all of that in ONE week! Those are some awesome finds--hard to pick a favorite!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Not just a ton of stuff - a ton of great stuff! Love that sugar shaker - and the amazing price!

TCahal said...

swooning over this post....ahhhh

I have a pink scale like the green one, found it a local place called the Brass Armadillo here in town and I'm so glad I picked her up; she resides by the fridge :)

Val said...

You made out like a bandit, as my mom and I say after a good thrift shop haul. :) I love the little pitcher and the shelf you'll use for your paper. What finds!