Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking Back- Easter

I know.... I know Easter was 700 years ago, but I just had to post about it for posterity for the kidos!

Scarlette was so excited to find eggs in the morning.. it was pretty cute.

Looking Low:)

How many eggs do you have??

Dyeing eggs .... We invited the Feigel fam over to dye eggs with us.

Gwen and Scarlette Grace were busy bees... they were the last two dyeing eggs.

Karson and Graham

Cute Kids

Graham was really into Yellow!

As usual Tatum had way better things to do on her own.

Gwen is my artist.

Me showing Scarlette what to do.

Easter Day we spent with the Gregory Klan.... (Tiffanie's Family). They were sweet enough to invite us when my fam had to cancel Easter to go to a funeral.
Kids meeting Lovie the Bunny.

A bit out of order... cute boys busy at work.

Graham and Scarlette checking the bunny out!

LOOK  I have Green hands.

Gwen playing Ping pong Easter day.

Karson with green hands... which was a huge deal because he is not a fan of getting messy.

Karson busy dyeing eggs.

Outdoor bowling... Gwen's turn.

Sweet girl!
The kids did 3 different egg hunts, one from the Easter bunny, one with the Gregory fam and we came home to one that our sweet neighbor Alice had set up for the kids. It was a fun day other than the two little's came down with a virus.