Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day Of School

Thanks everyone for all of your sweet comments about Chuy!!

Today is the girls first day of school, which I think is way too early to start school... wish it started after labor day... it makes summer way to short.

My first baby is off to her first day of High School... SNIFF
and my second baby is off to her first day of Middle School... SNIFF
How can it be... seems like yesterday when they were tiny like Graham and Scarlette.... time goes to fast!!!

The traditional first day of school pictures!

I told them to hold hands and skip and they did... Love this picture!!

Gabby was not nervous at all, she was all ready meeting up with friends when I dropped her off.  I am worried about my little Gwennie Penny.... she knows no one at the middle school... She was nervous and upset.  I felt bad as I dropped her off because there were all these groups of kids hanging out waiting for the bell to ring and she was heading in all on her own... I hope she makes a friend today!!!