Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Fun

My friend Kelly got married Saturday....Which is why I sat under the dryer Fri night to set my hair... I love to get dressed up and I love weddings.  Just Chad, Gab and I went... Which was nice!

Gabby and Chad while waiting for the ceremony to start

Kelly and Fil

Tiff and I... 
My hair turned out cuteish..my eyes look soo squinty. BLECK

The Dance girls- we all do dance together.
Gab, Kellie, Kelly, Tiffanie and MOI

Keith, Tiff and I

Gabby getting a dorky pic of  Tiff and I... this cracks me up.

Tiff drinking two glasses of champagne :)

Gabby catching the bouquet.

Chad and Keith being silly.

Tiffanie and her forkaphone as Chad was calling it.... she sang along to most of the songs!

Keith trying to be taller than Gab... 

It was a fun night and a pretty wedding... Congrats Kelly and Fil!!