Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Adventure in Home (Pre) Schooling

Graham attended preschool last year and for a bit while we were in NC, and this year it is just not in the budget... I kept hoping  some how we would magically be able to afford it...Nothing magic happened so I decided to take matters into my own hands and home (pre)school the littles.  This is not something I ever thought I would do, but here we are and they love it and ask for school when we are doing other things.  I do plan to send Graham to Kindergarten next Fall, I want him to play with friends and give me some time to sew and craft while Scarlette is napping.

So, last week we started doing a few things and then Monday I planned out an actual weeks worth of activities for both kids... Scarlette thinks she needs to do it too, so I set up some simpler activities for her to do while Graham is doing his writing.

Graham's School spot in the playroom.  I used a table, chair and bulletin board I had around the house. I want to add a calendar and some other fun things this weekend.   

His lesson on Monday... I used  free printables from quite a few different home schooling web sites. We are doing "P" as the letter of the week and working on some fall activities.  I happen to have the whole alphabet in the  My" " Book series, my grandmas friend gave them to me years ago. We have a lot of things around the house all ready that we can use for activities which is nice.

Scarlette's  desk area:) She also gets to do the letter of the week, including a letter P coloring page.  

Graham hard at work.

Scarlette at work:)

I am headed to the dollar store Friday for some supplies for some craft projects and they have a whole school section ... we shall see what fun things I find.
I have 9 months to get this boy ready for Kindergarten.