Monday, January 16, 2012

Bigger...better space

This is our new space at antiques on second here in Napa. My friend Lisa and I got our space put together took many many hours...which would have been many many more if her patents had not have helped. We covered every square inch of wall space and every nook and cranny with all out pretty stuff....we have a lot of stuff still to put in there but have to wait for some things to sell.

We love how it turned pretty....keeping my fingers crossed that we sell lots!!
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Burdie said...

How cute is that? If I was closer, I'd visit your booth once (or twice) a week:).

My new addiction--vintage train cases. Let me know if you come across any. Love the look and the storage with them. I'm sure they'd be easy enough to mail. Or maybe J just needs to take me to Napa like he's been promising!!