Thursday, February 9, 2012

Graham's Pirate Party

Graham's fifth birthday was a month ago now...and we had a super fun, cute and inexpensive pirate party. I made the majority of decor and party favors. I also made super cue invites that I failed to take a picture of. 

You can find all the printables and a lot of the ideas I used and a ton more on my pinterest board

Pirate flag that I hand painted... the felt soaked up the paint... so I would suggest using a different fabric.... it's what I happen to have that was black and large.

Sign on the porch so the kids could get their pirate gear .

We had X marks the spot all randomly throughout the house and yard...Black duct tape.. which we did purchase.

We had a tattoo station set up...I got the tattoos at the party store.

We did the party at 2 so we just had some snackies out..  No one ate the blue jello.. do kids not like jello anymore?

This table was for the four little sisters that attended... I printed off mazes and coloring pages for all the kids and had the crayons in buckets on the table.

A piece of fabric tacked up to look like a flag and some pirate pennants I printed off and cut out.

Big boys table... We had 6 little boys ages 3-5 including the birthday boy. It was the perfect amount of kidos.

We had a plank for them to walk on and my friend and business partner Lisa whipped up the walk the plank sign for me.... All of the above was free:)

We played pin the patch on Pete the Pirate... Gwen drew this by looking at a pirate on pinterest and I printed out eye patches.

The Pirate Grave yard... It was SUPER windy that day... but still nice enough to have a birthday party outside in January. These are part of my halloween decor... FREE again.

Oh man this cake was a pain in the A** to make... It almost went in the trash the night before at 2am.  Find this on pinterest also... The first batch of cakes stuck in he pans because my eldest daughter didn't spray pans well enough.... so round two... I got them out of the pans and cut up and assembled.I started frosting and ran out of frosting half way through and the chocolate butter cream we made was super thick and wasn't spreading well.... Oh and it was cracking in half and looked awful.... I left it on the counter and went to bed with the plan to make cupcakes the next am... Chad got up and saw it and asked if he could mess with it .. so he cut it in half and turned it all around and we made some chocolate whip cream frosting and I was able to make it look cute! I used some scrap book paper for the flags.

Rolos and gold coins.... Printed the topper ... these were in the treasure chest at the end of the treasure hunt.

Close up of the cute sign.

One of the treasure hunt clues.... I taped pear cider bottles and distressed them with ink and we rolled clues up in them and hid them around the yard.

Rum punch for the adults and stashes on straws.

Each child got a pirate hat, a sash, a stash, and any eye patch and necklaces... I had the fabric for the sashes, we made the eye patches and stashed from felt which I also had... May have bought the sticks... we bought one newspaper and scrounged the rest and I made the pirate hats.... making them was quick... painting them took forever. I got the necklaces at party store.

The girl version.

The end of my porch set up for photo op.

Scarlette waiting for the frosting to be done:)

Pirate Josh...

Alexis and Gabby... Who helped me out a ton the night before!

Scarlette, Karson and Tatum... I asked them to hold up their mustaches... HA

Tiffanie and Tatum

Find pennies in the rice game... I adapted this from the safety pin and rice game.... 

The birthday boy


Me and Gwen

Alexis and Gabby



Izzy and Gwen


Gabby and my mom

My nephew Eli

Tatum S.

Graham was unfortunately to excited to pose for a picture:(

This is what happened during the party... It cracked in half!

Sweet bday boy.

Cute boys


Graham and Eli

The cake after we cut it

Scarlette watching the presents being opened.


Karson fell asleep on the couch at the end of the party.

It was a great party and thank you to everyone for coming and for all the great gifts!
Scarlette says everyday... "it's almost my birthday"... August is a long way off.