Saturday, March 31, 2012

I finally sewed something.

I have not sewn in many months, maybe even closer to a year... Don't really know.... Just know it has been a loonng time. With two moves in one year and all the normal things I have to do for 4 kids, I sort of lost my sewing mojo. I had no choice, I had to make a dress for Gwen.

She is a rainbow girl and each year all the rainbow girls in CA get together for a convention. Each worthy advisor ((head girl leader), chooses a fabric and each girl makes a dress of their choice out of the fabric. Each group from each city has their own fabric, it's pretty fun to see... We did the same thing when I was in Job's Daughters. Gwen's worthy advisor chose camo. After it arrived we were told we could use as little or as much of it as we wanted to because it was such a dark color.

Rainbow requires floor length dresses. Which you can not find a pattern for, so that was the first adjustment I had to make to the dress. We borrowed a pattern from my friend Molly, it was not floor length and it was a woman's sized pattern. So the next adjustment I had to make was to take about 1.5"-2" out of the center of the bodice so the straps would not be under her arm pits. Gwen chose to have the camo on her straps, the waist band and the hem. I nudged her into choosing pink to go with it... Which I was told by one of the other parents" oh, that will be interesting". Pink and camo look amazing together ... Just saying!

Gwen is 12 and very thin and has not blossomed yet. So I has to account for this in the bodice, I had to take another 2 inches out of the back of the bodice before I put the zipper in. I also added a cute flower to the waist for extra girlyness! I also served the bottom of the camo in white and we decided we liked how it looked so I didn't have to hem it... Which I was real happy about,I hate hemming dresses.

I love how it turned out and actually enjoyed sewing it. Gwen loves it too! Now that she knows I can make cute dresses she is going to want more!

The real bummer of it all is that my serger is now at the sewing machine shop because my darling 2 year old somehow managed in the time it took me to step out front door and get the mail ... To knock it off the table:-/. She's lucky she's cute!!


Lynn said...

That dress is great looking - you're right, now she will want more! Congrats on a nice job!

Colima said...

It turned out cute! The ranch/home store here has tons of stuff that are pink and cammo! And, usually lots of rhinestones :) You did a good job with all those alterations to the pattern.