Friday, June 15, 2012

Family outing to Hearts Desire Beach

It has been so long since I blogged last .. that they changed the format of blogger and I have to figure it all out like a newbie! 
Over Memorial Day weekend we did our annual family beach trip, we usually go to Stinson Beach  with the Feigel Family... This year we had to go solo because 4 days earlier they welcomed the newest addition to their family... Miss Teagan... who I was lucky enough to be in the room and watch her birth.. Which was amazing by the way!!!  Since we didn't have our normal group we decided to try something completely different and go to Heart's Desire Beach in Tomales Bay. It got amazing reviews .. especially by people with small children.  It was a wonderful beach, the weather is better, the water is swim able and no horrible under tow to worry about.. we loved it.. The only complaint was from my big kids .. they missed the waves.

Chad noticed a local celebrity two blankets down from us... Michael Chiarello ... who happens to be (my chef to be) Gwen's- favorite celebrity chef.  She was super excited and wanted to go talk to him but we told her not to bug him. ... she didn't .... but she did keep an eye on him .

Scarlette Grace

Graham after swimming..

There are also hiking trails because it is a state park.

Gwen, Scarlette and Izzy- (Gwen's friend) playing in the sand

Gabby and her friend Emily sun bathing... 
If you look at the people behind them.. Michael Chiarello is the one in yellow shirt laying down.

More fun in the sand.

My sweet baby.. getting so big so fast:(

My little surfer dude!

Graham having so much fun in the water.

Graham and Gabby- We brought floaties for the kids.

My hubby and his baby girl.

My toes in the sand.

My boy warming up after swimming

It was a super fun day and I can't wait to go back again soon.


knittingnora said...

Thanks for the post! We will have to try this beach. The pics are awesome BTW. We need to craft soon and I am hoping to get my sewing together!

knittingnora said...

LOVE the pics and I will have to take the boys!

Let's craft soon!