Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby Stroller dilemma

Here are the strollers I am considering at the moment... However, I can not make up my mind.  The @babyjogger city select offers the most versatility .. But it is the bulkiest and I like the looks of the other two better.  

The @britax b-ready offers the second most options and is a bit less bulky and will be offering a free infant seat with purchase starting June 1st. So cost wise best option. 

The @uppababy vista is the best single option but doesn't offer the extra options and is the Most expensive. 

Scarlette will be 4 when baby arrives but occasionally likes to ride when we go for long walks or are at the fair or an amusement park. And I will occasionally have to take  one of my two year old day care kids on field trips for preschool etc. 

I would love to hear opinions or other options that are similar.  


Savvy in San Francisco said...

You know my opinion! Baby Jogger all the way!

Colima S said...

Okay I don't know anything about strollers, and honestly I don't know which one is which in the pictures but I like the red one :)